What Year/season Was This Bag Made And What Was The Original Retail?

  1. Would any of you knowledgeable ladies know the year or season this bag was made and the original retail? I asked in the "authenticate this bag" forum and a very helpful poster suggested the price was a bit high for this bag so I was curious as to the original retail price/year of the bag. Thanks ladies!
  2. the chanel tag says 02P, so it's from year 2000, P means Spring if i'm not wrong.
  3. This is from 2002. P is indeed from the Printemps/Spring collection. Strange that the seller is showing 2 care booklets, the one on the left was used on the 0 series through the 6 series.

    Don't know original retail price.
  4. I agree with Beautylicious, it is strange that they are showing two care booklets. Also, odd that it is a bag from Spring 2002, yet seller is advertising it as brand new. Hmmm. I would ask to see sticker to match to authenticity card.
  5. thanks for the information ladies.
    Upate: I asked to be emailed a picture of the hologram an got one, but now I'm scared to get it. Never gotten a bag from eBay and just so paranoid at the fact that he did not display the hologram. Anyone who is knowlegeable about Chanel should know how important the hologram is to a buyer, right? Why wouldn't you include the hologram in the auction?? :wondering
  6. ^ well some sellers are afraid that their photos could be abused and will only release them when asked, while others are afraid that their 'scams' might be unveiled. you can always get us to authenticate it under 'authenticate this chanel' thread.
  7. you can always get us to authenticate it under 'authenticate this chanel' thread.[/quote]

    Yes, I posted it in "Authenticate this bag" with a question about the "paperwork."
  8. I just wanted to add to this thread. This seller is a member here on TPF in the Hermes Sub-Forum- A lovely lady.:heart:. and I might add that I have purchased from her a Chanel Handbag to be exact and it was a AUTHENTIC-flawless transaction. I would not hesitate to purchase from her again. Actually I had my eye another Chanel that she has up for sale.:graucho:

    I hope this helps..
  9. Thanks! It helps to hear from someone who has had a positive experience with that Seller as well as that she's a member of TPF. :yes:
  10. I bought the same tote off eBay about 3-5 months ago for $799. Mine was used, the inner pocket needs slight repair and there's no authenticity card.

    Cons aside, I LOVE IT and will not get rid of it! B/c of the flap, I prefer it to a GST. If you get it, hang it in your closet. Sitting on a shelf will cause the body to droop and crease.

    Sorry, I don't know original retail.
  11. Regina, I'm glad you loved the bag. And I appreciate the info. I hope you don't mind answering a few questions since you have the bag? Is your bag lined in lambskin leather (I don't like fabric)? Is it heavy? A friend had a similar design LV which I found weighed a ton with nothing in it. Do you find it really long - I believe it is 17 across inches at the top? Thanks!
  12. No problem. The bag is lined in lambskin. I find it lighter than my GST. The chains are thin so not heavy and bulky. b/c of the shape, it fits under my arm better, too It's a great work bag for me b/c I can keep a notepad in it and dress shoes.
  13. Thank You, Regina. You've been very helpful! :yes:

  14. I've also been looking at this bag on ebay and did ask the seller to send a picture of the inside tag. She said she couldn't load it cause she had done the auction through activa but would be happy to send the pic via email. Nice to know she is an authentic seller. Her history shows lots of Hermes sales so she must be doing something right!

    I thought the price was a little high for a 2002 bag.... seems like they would have been near the $1000 mark back then....
  15. Yes, she originally listed it for $1790 then dropped it to $1599! :nuts::nuts::nuts::nuts:
    I wonder, do you think she'd tell us the original price if we asked? LOL! :s:s:idea::idea: Seems this price increase has driven Sellers a little nuts pricewise!