What year is this Bbag?

  1. Just bought a used Bbag and was wondering if someone could tell me what year it's from.. I'm new to Balenciaga:shame:
    For Sale 302.jpg
  2. Woops! Do you need to see the back of the tag, as well?
  3. Hi DoubleC. It's from Fall 2005 and it's a first/classique. :yes: Congrats on the new bag!
  4. Congrats!!!!!!!!!!:yahoo:
  5. Thanks for such a quick response!
  6. congrats!
  7. congrats, doublec81...no matter how many bbags you'll get in the future, your first bbag will always remain special...
  8. :yahoo: Congratulations!! Can we see pics of the outside of your new bag? I'm nosey, I wanna see the colour and the smooshy leather!!:P
  9. Yeah me too I want to see more pics of your new bag! :nuts:
  10. yeah!!! please post pics of the complete bag! :P
  11. Here they are girls: (Sorry it took so long!)
    For Sale 295.jpg For Sale 297.jpg For Sale 298.jpg For Sale 299.jpg
  12. cute!!! black classique :P
  13. Very nice! Congrats!