what year is this bag?

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  1. I tried to find this in reference but couldnt quite make out the how to read a tag post, but mods move this if it should be somewhere else.

    I found a black city and it seems to have great leather...better than most 2008 black leather I have seen. The tags read N3696 then underneath has 115748...Because it ends in an 8 is it a 2008?

    I'm torn on whether to buy this bag or just get a 2009, I was wondering if there is anyway it could be 2007, the sales associate has no idea what year it is, and it was a return so the store doesnt have any 2009 bags to compare it to.

    I have it on hold, but have heard such mixed reviews about 2008 leather I was a little weary.
  2. what is the letter in the middle of the metal tag?
    115748 is the style number for the city...

  3. its a V
  4. It's from S/S 07.
  5. That means its chevre...right?

    It is at a store that doesnt carry bbags as it was a return. I didnt think I wanted it but really liked the leather...which made me think it was a 2007...now, if i could only convince them to charge less since its an older bag :smile: Yeah, right!
  6. yes s/s 07 bags should only be chevre, that's a score!!!
  7. On my way now...I am so torn, I want a black chevre city so bad and I love the leather on this one. But I am on such a ban! but really, a 2007?

    Does anyone know which black 2007 people had problems with? didnt some fade and green?
  8. Please post ID questions in the Identify This Balenciaga thread in the Reference Library.

    You may want to try a search for your black 2007 question or post in the Care and Maintenance section.

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.