What year for black, silver HW, and white stitching?

  1. I just got a great deal on a black Blake at Nordstrom. It's black with silver HW, white stitching, and off-white suede interior. I have the same color, hw, and stitching on my zc that I bought years ago (2005?). Does anyone know the years they made the Blake with white stitching and silver hw? I already checked the reference library. BTW, the bag was purchased from a regular Nordstrom, not Rack. TIA!
  2. Great find! I believe it was made this way for Resort 04 and Fall 05 with the MII on the nameplate. The difference btw these two models is that Fall 05 has a serial tag in the interior zipper pocket(Resort 04 has no serial tag). It was made the same way in Fall 04 but with the MII imprinted in the suede.

    You'd have to verify your season by MII location and presence of serial tag.
  3. Is it the same for the red w/white stitching and silver hardware?
  4. Thank you Thithi! OK, it's a Fall '05. I'd love to know the story behind this bag :/ It's in really good condition. I'm thinking the previous owner bought it in 2005, never used it, and took advantage of Nordie's lax return policy.