What year did the Stam chains become less weighty?

  1. Does anyone know what year the Stam chains became lighter/less heavy? I would appreciate any info. Thanks.
  2. they became less weighty last year fall, i think, i have a resort item which is right before the fall stuff, and it's like the old chains
  3. thx, aggie. i appreciate your answering me. no one else has.
  4. hi missnox,

    often times people don't know. I would say either fall last year or spring, i have a new bag from the spring this year and it has the new chains, i also have a capra from fall last year and it has what i would call heavier chains, but it's not a stam, so the weight can be deceiving.
  5. !!!! I had no idea they're now lighter. Mine weighs a ton..:sad: and the suede lining doesn't help
  6. yep, the newer stams have the lighter chains, i think since 2005, they've had complaints about the weight, firstthey changed the inside to make em lighter, which happened in 2006, cuz my stam hobo has the heavier chains but the new canvas interior, i just bought a patchwork venetia made with ss07 (spring/summer 07) and it has the new inside and newer lighter chains
  7. I bought baby Stam from last Spring and original Stam from this Fall. The chain in my Spring'07 Stam is heavier, and it makes a solid sound. In contrast, the chain in my Fall'07 Stam seems to be hollow. Which would mean that they have altered the chain for this Fall.