What year did LV canvas start getting thinner and going downhill?

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  1. Hi guys. I have read this on here but I just wanted to ask, for my own personal knowledge, around when (what year) did this start to happen.

    I am thinking of adding a few more bags in my collection so would be great if someone could shed some light on this.


    P.S. Mods - sorry if this isn't the right place for this thread. Please feel free to move it :smile:
  2. I been very curious on the dpsame topic too!

    I actually have a mono pochette from 2001 and that baby hasn't cracked peeled or ripped..and I have abused it and one time in Maui I actually dropped it out of my hand and didnt noticed until I looked down and saw it was floating out into the sea hahahaha and I luckily went out and got it and ever since it's been great!
  3. Ooohh, lucky save!

    I hope all the LV experts can help us on this question.
  4. I'm interested in this too. I started a thread about the cloth tag and many jumped in to say that the quality issues are not 100% correlated with the tag, but were there before. My question was whether to buy a used Neverfull for better quality or a new Neverfull with the cloth tag and perhaps lower quality. The overwhelming response was that in 2007 (around the time when the Neverfull came out) the quality was already poor so buying new or used didn't make much of a difference in that arena.

    I'm looking forward to hearing more opinions and becoming more educated before I make my purchase.
  5. Interested in what everyone has to say here, as I am a newbie
  6. I don't know answer but I DO know I have my mother's speedy from the early 70's. She is well used (!!!!!!) along with luggage from the same era, duffel bags, etc. My mother was still carrying this bag though obviously not exclusively until this year. No cracking, no peeling, just darkening of the handles and leather.
  7. 2007 IMO. Everything before then has perfect stitching. Most things after have very poor stitching
  8. Ahahahahahahaahahaha!!!! That's so funny! Thanks for the smile dear! :hugs:
  9. I have a French Co. Speedy and while I won't say that it is in 100% perfect condition, that baby is 30 years old and still rocking and rolling.
  10. I have a pochette from 2002 and a noe from 1997 that are in great condition. The vachetta has deep patina but the canvas looks brand new.
  11. I started collecting in 2004 and I think the canvas was thicker back then. Also, I personally didn't have any issues with items until last year when the canvas on my Artsy cracked!! LV immediately replaced the bag (it was one year old). DH JUST bought me a DE Neverfull MM last week and I returned the one he purchased immediately for another because the piping around the top of the bag was "wavy". Too many issues for such expensive bags, IMO. My new Artsy and my NF both have the cloth tags which I'm not crazy about. All that said, I am an LV girl for LIFE and I will not stop shopping with them even though their prices have gone up and their quality has gone down. I love them till death do us part!
  12. My mom has a speedy from the 80s. My sister has a papillon from the 90s. I have a NF bought in 2007.

    I compare them to my other canvas bags that i got this year and the quality of the canvas still holds true.
  13. The thread has been moved. Thanks, Mods.
  14. I asked a telephone customer service rep that question a few years ago and she said that the canvas had been sightly changed to accommodate the newer pleated styles (tivoli, palermo, trevi, etc.). Thus, that would be around 2007 when the canvas probably became a bit thinner and more flexible to be folded/bent this way and that...
  15. The last bag I bought was the MC black Alma from the boutique before it was discontinued.. None of my older LV bags have had any issues and still look brand new but I rarely use them.. The leather and quality was much better than which is why I refuse to buy anymore LV leather items.. The bags have become so over produced which has affected the quality of the product.. Their scarves are still amazing..