What year did goyard start

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  1. I read some where they started making trunks 1792, and read other places 1853. I am wondering which is right and if its the oldest bag maker, even older than Hermes? Does anyone know?
  2. My interpretation, from the history given on the Goyard website, is that a Goyard family member took over the workshop of an already established trunkmaker and changed the name to Goyard in 1853 once the original owner died. In short, the workshop had been established in 1792, but it was not known as or under the ownership of Goyard until 1853.

    Also, just to clarify, Hermès did not start off as a trunk/bagmaker. The house started off as a saddlery making products, mostly out of leather, for horses and those in the carriage trade. (Thus, the horse, carriage, and carriage driver in their logo.) Bags, trunks, scarves, and other products were an after thought and were not manufactured until the 1920s and beyond.
  3. Goyard much older than H and LV.
  4. Thank you for the help. I would love to go to a store but need to plan a trip into NYC. I have never seen one in person but I love the history. I called Barney's and almost ordered over the phone but wasn't sure since I have not seen it. I originally thought that lv was the oldest and only recently learned about goyard. Thank you for your help.
  5. I like Goyard and LV, but I find LV canvas more durable than Goyard's. I find my self having to baby my Goyard pieces because I'm afraid that they'll crack or the chevron will rub off. I think that it is due in part that the Goyardine is raised paint on canvas, where as LV's Monogram or Damier is streamlined into the canvas then glazed. IMO, both of are comparable quality, it's just a matter of durability.

    Good luck on finding a Goyard piece. If you can't go abroad, pay a visit to San Francisco where there's a brick-and-mortar Goyard boutique, the only one in the U.S. (It's under franchise under a San Francisco based company called European Designs.)
  6. Thank you for the feedback it is very helpful. I am hoping my husband will go to the store for me next time he goes there for work. For me it is the other side of the county.
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