What Year And Color Is This Bag?

  1. Any Of You Savvy Balenciaga-girls Please Help! What Color And Year Is This Bag?? Tia;)
  2. Looks like a lilac to me? There is a lilac pre-spring 2006, and another one 2004 fall/winter raised brass, and also a Fall 03 raised silver hardware.
    I have never seen any of the above in person, so couldn't tell which it was.
    Hope someone else can help you out!
  3. 99.9% certain it's 2004 Lilac, 2003 is much paler and 2006 has less of a color punch to it. Love this color! Very hard to find though. Good luck on your search! :smile:
  4. it's definitely lilac.. not sure what year though.. goodluck in your search!!
  5. anyone else?!
  6. 2004 Lilac, definitely.
  7. That is 2004 Lilac
    I know it for sure since that very bag has inspired me getting my Lilac 2004 :smile:
  8. Definitely absolutely 04 Lilac.
  9. 04lilac for me too
  10. 04 Lilac--the color is a perfect match of my first:smile:
  11. 04 lilac - you can tell b/c of the colour's tone and by Lilo's hair colour and outfit!