What y'all think of the prada quilted nylon bags w/ gold hardware? yay or nay?

  1. Those black quilted nylon bags with gold hardware seem to be catching my attention. Need your opinions please.
  2. Love them, and I'm not even into nylon Pradas. Still can't justify the price tag though!
  3. love them too, i saw them last week in Saks i loved the tote but the gold handles are not very comfy.
  4. Nice, I bet they would be durable!
    Check out Bluefly too, they've had a number of them lately.
  5. I'm too much of a leather girl to appreciate them :O
  6. Nay for me.
  7. They're the most classy nylon bags I've seen but still won't pay that much for nylon. If they were a steal, then maybe.
  8. Yay for me.
  9. Its a yay for me too actually. I wish I could just afford the leather ones though :crybaby: