What ya think of these new coach flat?

  1. It's in their catalog and now one coach.com I think is $100 sth what ya think? cute?
  2. Oh my gosh I love those but they don't look very comfy.
    On second thought, its a little too much hardware...theres more hardware then leather showing.
  3. Really??? I just think they are kinda cute, but maybe you are right too much hardware....
  4. i've tried on fancy thongs many times and they just don't look right on my toes... i think i can only wear thongs when they're cheapie rubber flip flops.
  5. I thought they were cute too... I'm sure that clip would get blazing hot in the sun though.
  6. so cute!!! I think there were a similar pair last year that was all leather but don't quote me that

    Ouch thinking about Danica said though =/
  7. :cry:
    another good point.
  8. Very nice! I like the hardware. I wonder though about how comfy they are...
  9. i like it.. I wish I can buy it online now,but they dont ship to europe:sad2:
    I flat thong!:love:
  10. very cute!!!
  11. I love them...I do wear thongs constantly...I recently bought a pair or Bernardos that have a big metal oval kind of thing the same place as the hardware as the ones you posted and they really are uncomfy...very cute and I do wear them only for short time periods. Just try them on...you will know right away if its going to feel right.
  12. Jimmy Choo had similar style last year with no hardware. Ropes only. They looked very cute but very costly, hehehehe.
  13. Aw, I really like the hardware :shame: The clip that seperates the toes is so cute!
  14. Have you tried the shoes on? They ARE really cute.
  15. No I haven't go try them yet, I might. I like the clip.