What ya think: Dior?

  1. Hey I am lovin this Dior tote what do you all think?


    I was going to special order a Damiar LV in Batignolles Horizontal but I was told yesterday that SO probably wouldnt be available until Nov 06 plus it will take 6 months after that! So I think this might be a nice substitute. I like that it is coated canvas? What do you all think????
  2. i think its cute nice bag i dont love the dior mono thats imho but i love the bow and handles very chanel
  3. I think it's cute Selena!
  4. I think it's very cute. Besides the Gaucho this is the only line I like from Dior bags.
  5. I love the silver trim. Anymore the bags that I see with gold trim look a little tacky.
  6. I like it Selena!!! The handles are definitely more stylish than LV's Batignolles Horizontal.
  7. That is hysterical! The one I listed was the larger one. I know jill, you buy it and I will buy it from you in three months when you get sick of it! LOL
    I have to go to NM and try it on and see which size I like.
  8. ^^LOL! Let me know how it looks IRL..I am on a spending leash with PHH till June..totally blows...................................
  9. Well, tell him to loosen up. We live vicariously through you. So, we have no life until you get to show us some new bags. :smile:
  10. I love it! The Dior print, the bow, and the leather-weaved chain are all gorgeous!
  11. very cute!!!
  12. I've seen this bag IRL in the lighter color. It is really pretty! You're right it is coated canvas. I've been looking at the wallet from this line.
  13. its not one of my favorites, with the monogram but i love the handles
  14. It doesn't do much for me... It's like Chanel, LV, and Dior mono all mushed together....