what wristlet is this??

  1. does anyine here know what the style # is on this wristlet it looks like a little carly its cute..

  2. I know its called like the carly wristlet or something...but I dont know the style #. Im sure some of the pros can help you out there!
  3. is this the same one as above just different color???

  4. style # 10730??
  5. I think I found it on eBay.. I just want something to use as a coing purse maybe as a little purse to put stuff in when i go to concerts events etc.
  6. It looks like the first one is a wristlet (I have never seen that one. I wonder if they came out in sig.)

    But it looks like the second pic is of a Carly Demi. Those were in the outlets around Xmas.