What would you wear with...

  1. I just got the Jcrew chocolate lady day coat and love it! What color hat / gloves would you wear with a chocoate wool coat? I am thinking ivory (which I don't have). I do have grey, coral, and purple-pink hats and green and grey gloves... I am not to sure any of them will work with the new coat.
  2. Do you have a picture of the coat? I would have to see the shade to tell. You ccan't go wrong with ivory, though.
  3. Yes, here it is...

  4. i think grey and brown go well together.
  5. I have always loved the ivory/chocolate combo for a conservative look. For a more modern look, I love way pink/baby blue or mint contrasts w/ chocolate.
  6. Coral would look awesome. I would probably prefer the ivory though.
  7. Ivory of course. I think turquoise or some other blue color would be awesome. I love the right color blue paired with brown.
  8. I like olive with that shade of brown.
  9. I second the grey - I am very, very into the grey/brown color combo right now!! I also think that ivory would look nice, as well as wordpast's suggestion of turquoise - turquoise would be fabulous with brown!! I would probably also consider a very vibrant, lime colored green that would really pop against the brown.
  10. pink - for some reason pink and brown are so appealing to me!
  11. That chocolate brown goes with so many colors - baby blue, rosy pink, lime green, olive green, grey, orange....OK I think every color except black!
  12. My first thought was red, but gray would be a very chic second.
  13. lilac/lavender
  14. I think ivory or tan would go great with this coat. Also you can match it up with some tall brown boots as well.
  15. I would wear cream colored pants and a brown top. And either brown boots or creamy colored flats :biggrin: