What would you wear with this?!

  1. Hello everyone, my mom got my this sweater from j.crew but I'm so bad at putting together outfits. What would you wear with this? I kind of like the skinny belt look but I dont know if it would work...
    Any suggestions are great! (excuse the messy dorm room)
    Photo 2.jpg
  2. Cute! I would put it with a tank like the one you have on in the picture (very cute) and an a line skirt and shoes like kelly ripa's (see attachment)!
  3. Does the white tank look funny with it?
  4. That's a really cute sweater! If you're going for casual, you could just pair it with a pair of skinny jeans & flats. The frills on the sweater will still keep your outfit interesting. And I think a skinny belt totally works with the sweater.
  5. That's the cutest sweater I've seen! You can wear that with a solid colored skirt (black :tup:), jeans for a more casual look, cream colored dress pants..over dresses. I love it!!!!

  6. Not at all! White and cream together is very classic! Especially when paired with a lovely black skirt!
  7. No, I really like the white under the lighter colored sweater! And you could even wear it just as you are wearing it now with jeans!
  8. A-Line skirt or Wide-Legged Jeans
  9. :tup:
  10. Wow, thanks everyone! I have all these great jackets and sweaters but I always need help piecing them together in an outfit:shame:
  11. Wide leg jeans and flats - chic and classic, but cute. No belt - that's too much with all the ruffles on the sweater. I'd do simple jewelry with it too.
  12. thats a really really cute sweater! i would do a pair of black skinny jeans with either flats or nice high pumps.
  13. I agree with the above, an a-line skirt and skinny's would look fab! I love that sweater, it's so cute!
  14. What an amazing sweater? Is it still online? I really really like it. I think it looks cute as is, and could work over almost anything!

    It's so cute!
  15. French Toast- I have never seen this sweater online and a catalogue ID search on the j.crew website resulted in nada. I think it was a store item.
    Thanks for everyones suggestions, I like the wide leg look! skinny jeans aren't the best on me:sad: