What would you wear with this dress?

  1. [​IMG]Hi, I just bought this dress, but i have no clue what to wear with it, i know there are rules about what to wear with a strapless dress ie. a good strapless bra, but im not sure what to wear with the dress, what accessories and how to wear my hair, I have mid length brown hair, which i was thinking of wearing curled and down.... any suggestions would be greatly appreciated :shrugs:
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  3. dont overload on jewellery. the dress should draw all of the attention. maybe just a nice pair of drop earings and a bangle or two. hair curly or messily pinned up would look nice.

    p.s. love the dress
  4. I agree - go very simple with jewelry since the dress has a print to it. As for hair, I always like an updo with a long dress.

    I like the way the website has the dress accessorized - a simple clutch and peep-toe pumps.
  5. Remember, especially in this case, Less is More. This dress had a lot going on already. I would wear a pair of black high strappy heels, simple diamond studs and call it a day...maybe a very simple bracelet.
  6. I agree with all the above. Just keep it simple with earrings, a bracelet, and a pair of heels.
  7. I agree with the above, less is deffinatly the best. Maybe a small silver pendant necklace and earings and a black patent leather clutch?
  8. Definitely keep it simple since the dress has a print. I'd wear strappy shoes instead of pumps though.
  9. i think you should go with stright hair....black studs and thats it...and depending on where youre going, a simple braclet! The dress is funky itself i would hate to see someone overdoing it and taking attention from that beauty!!!

    (EEK!! mental pic of someone with an updo, huge choker, matching earings multiple braclet and gemed out shoes!!!! yuckkkkeroooo!)
  10. for daywear nice leather flats to tone down the dress and a canvas or brown/oak leather bag and a nice cropped jacket. Hair is OK just straight.

    for evening a striking silver necklace and strappy silver high heels and a cute clutch bag. And curly hair.
  11. As everyone has already said the dress is bold by itself, so don't overload accessories.. also, if it were me i would stay away from black shoes, black clutches, black anything.. it would be more chic to use white for a clutch and a couple silver bangles IMO. I think curls pinned up would look great:yes: