What would you wear with Raspberry?

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  1. I like some Raspberry MJ bags, but what color clothes would you wear when carrying that color? I am a little fashion challenged so I usually stick with black clothes and a black bag. Help?
  2. I would probably stick with mostly neutrals, like black, grey, navy, tan / brown, white and you would have a nice accent with the raspberry bag. I would just mostly stay away from colours that look too much like the bag, unless they are almost or exactly the colour, (that's basically my rule when picking out outfits). I usually don't match the bag to the shirt or bottoms that I am wearing, I would more likely match it to shoes or accessories like bangles or something. I would probably put on a pair of dark jeans and wear a white shirt and wear the raspberry bag, if that helps you with an example of an outfit. Or you could always just wear all of one colour, like all black or all white and then have the colourful bag. HTH :smile:

  3. I think if you usually wear black, then the Raspberry would be a great pop of color! I'm not much of a bag/clothes matcher, I subscribe to the "wear whatever you feel like" school of coordination. Of course, I mainly wear jeans (when it is not 108 degrees!) so it not too hard to match. :P
  4. Hi, Robin:smile: ITA that raspberry would be a beautiful pop of color with black, especially for fall! I'm pretty basic when it comes to clothes, too, but I think raspberry might be more versatile than you realize. It would look great with gray, white, just about any neutral! It's such a pretty color! GL deciding!!
  5. i think you can pretty much where raspberry with anything except for orange and other colors that are too similar. it would look beautiful with neutrals, but eye-popping with purple, royal blue, and kelly green.
  6. I am not a matchy matchy kinda girl, so if i love a bag I carry it! doesn't probably help you, but rock it how you like...we will just admire you!! :smile:
  7. No help at all either, but I'm with baglover here, anything you like, it's such a fab bag and the colour it's going to look great with anything :smile:
  8. My Emily is a raspberry color (official name is plum) but too light IMO...anywhoo I wore her out yesterday with light blue jeans and a white top. looks scrumptous and I got a compliment on it too!
  9. For me, raspberry will always be TDF with chocolate brown,camel tan, white, navy, (obviously) black. But, for a unique,fresh look raspberry would be fantastic with a light green, orange, light blue...
  10. Thanks for the advice! I wear a lot of black with dark jeans, and I have a few navy, grey, black, and white dresses so I think I might be able to justify it :biggrin:
  11. I think Raspberry would look really good with a pair of dark wash jeans (think SFAM Mercer) and a white top. Other good choices could be chocolate brown, black, and dark jewel tones. I'd stay away from bright colors, as they might clash with the bag.
  12. Oh I think it would be excellent to pair it with black, chocolate, gray or white! Something that the bag will just POP with!!
  13. Grey, white, black would all look great! I love colour so I'd be wearing yellow or green with it :smile: