What would you wear to go watch a comedy show?

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  1. Husband and I are going out tomorrow night for dinner and a comedy show by Russell Peters.

    I am torn as to what to wear. A LBD and pearls, or jeans and white shirt or some other dress??

    Any ideas?

    Thank you all in advance:smile:
  2. I'd never go to a comedy show. However, if I was forced to I'd probably wear a dress. Have a good time with your hubby!
  3. In my experience comedy shows are generally in pretty casual places so I would probably wear jeans, heels and a dressier top
  4. Thanks you guys. I think jeans and heels sounds good with a dressier top.
  5. I used to be a comic, so I've naturally been to tons of shows.

    Don't dress up. It's not the theater and know that ALL types go to comedy shows. Jeans, cute boots, a tee and a cardigan is perfect. Don't wear anything that sticks out and don't show a lot of cleavage if you're close to the front row. One of the comics (there's probably an opener or feature comic that you aren't familiar with on the tour) in the line up will probably make fun of you. Don't bring a flashy bag or wear heavy makeup that could be a comic's saving grace if their written material is bombing.

    Also, if it is in a comedy CLUB and not a theater venue... don't wear anything that has to be dry cleaned. Comedy clubs are notoriously smoky and you will leave smelling absolutely rotten. I usually like to throw my clothes in the washer immediately after I get home.
  6. Comedy clubs are pretty casual, but you'll always have a handful people who are dressed to the nines, and a handful who look like they just rolled out of bed. Maybe you should aim for something in between. If it were me, I'd wear nice jeans, a cute blouse or flattering sweater, heels, and a great bag!
  7. Ok jeans, heels and I have a black leather coach bag (small one, not too big and not too tiny). I have few tops that are pretty dressy-casual. So I guess I can do that.

    It's actually a stand-up comedy by that guy Russell Peters and the venue is a improv theater and smoking is not allowed inside. But I see what you guys are saying. Going slightly casual is probably better.
  8. How fun! You are going to see Russell Peters? I think hes really funny. Where are you seeing him at?
  9. Russel Peters rules!!!
    I agree with everyone else on the casual suggestions.
  10. aw you will have a blast! i loooove stand up! i always wear jeans and heels and a sexy little top. have so much fun!
  11. He will be at the tempe Improv in Arizona. It's a 30 minute drive from Phoenix. He is on till this saturday.

    I missed his show when he was in NJ few years back, didn't want to miss this time.

    This is also our first night out alone without the kid after 4 months (yayyy for my parents coming back from their vacation ;))

    i am really super excited :smile::wlae::yahoo:
  12. Just like everyone else has said, jeans and a casual top/jacket! Keep the fancy accessories for another night :smile:
  13. I totally agree. Jeans, tshirt or blouse then a nice heels and great bag to set it off. :tup:

  14. I agree with everyone else! Nice top and jeans. Casual wear.

    But don't look like a bum! Russell made fun of this guy in the front row when I went to see him here for looking like a homeless guy. Then we were embarrassed because there is a chance he actually WAS a homeless guy. anyway...

    You'll have fun!
  15. I love Russell Peters!!!!

    But can't go wrong with darker wash jeans, heels, and cute top. No need to break out the LBD unless your going to a very formal restaurant.

    Most of the stand up comics look like bums. I've seen many in jeans and sweatshirts.