What would you wear to a MTV party?

  1. Looking for ideas.

    What would you wear to a MTV party in New York?

  2. embroidered black dress by elie saab couture or some of these rhinestone dolce&gabbana numbers. it is new york it is mtv so go rock´n´roll wild and leave oscar de la renta at home
  3. ^^^ :yes:

    How fun Sonya!!! I would stay away from pieces that are currently out there for fear that someone else would be wearing it... That would be my worst fear!

    I would do casual-glam.
  4. I was thinking casual-glam too ... but what exactly? I have a couple of ideas but I'm trying to gauge whether they are in sync with the hyper trendy LA meets NY scene.
  5. my initial thoughts...

    Bottoms: tailored denim pencil skirt w/ all the right details. It doesn't have to be denim.. but this will make it casual.

    Tops... anything can go w/ denim and maybe a catchy necklace (depends on the top?).

    I think the major part of the outfit should be the shoes. Something very A-typical.


    Maybe a really unique dress (lanvin style -- I just love his dresses, especially from a couple of years back), paired w/ some sandals.

    As for the scene, I think you'll get a mix of styles. LA is way more underdressed than NY because near the beach. Plus I think that everyone in LA wears around the same style... it's like a mass collective--outfits are predictable, while NYers tend to stick to their own individual style, for the most part --- it seems that there are cliques to certain trends that go on in NY.

    I think you should just expect an assortment of all kinds of styles at the party.
  6. I think I'd go for a 70s glam inspired look - like a vintage dress slinky with metallic heels and clutch. I don't know if its too overdone lately, but I really like that look. It also depends on you hairstyle and look and what looks might suit you.

    Hmm, I'd probably do something with clean lines and not too artsy/avant garde looking if you're thinking about the LA/NYC crowd mixing up. I'd also pick a standout piece like a piece of vintage jewelry or shoes or a clutch, something unusual. I sometimes go with that piece first and build my outfit around it.

    It might also be fun to do a non-black dress or perhaps you could wear black and then mix up the shoes - like that SATC episode - ok well maybe that is too derivative, but I keep meaning to try that out myself.

    I also like the idea of a D&G corset dress - well if they still make those - I haven't been in D&G in awhile.
  7. Something trendy but not overdone. ie, platforms instead of wedges. Given I haven't lived in NY for a few yrs now so I don't know whats super hot until my mag. subscriptions come :rant: