What would you wear these with?

  1. I think these are so pretty :heart: What would you wear them with? Outfit ideas, anyone? :smile:

  2. a great denim skirt or shoes if I could find one that matches that denim. I think that the leather is a red/burgundy color so I would find something to accent that. I love skirts with mules.
  3. they would look cute with jeans and a white shirt. IMO They are really cute.
  4. Me too, skirts + mules = :heart:

    Thanks! They're arriving soon, and I'm going shopping with my mom this weekend for work clothes, so I want to pick up some stuff that will go with these :graucho: I think they would look cute with a pair of white pants I already have, and maybe a new red button down shirt :cool:

    I'd love to hear more ideas, guys! :smile:
  5. oh, those are cute! you can wear them with many things, skirts in white or denim or jeans, other trousers...
  6. White denim skirt or capris, navy tank..so cute!
  7. I am adding a white denim skirt to my shopping list :graucho: That would be nice for casual Fridays :smile:
  8. I have the blue denim wedgies and wear them with red gingham capris and red or white top. Jeans, black or white capris. Denim skirts are always good with layered tank tops and long necklaces. Long (to the knee) shorts are popular over in the UK with mules, with a tshirt and vest. I could go on, but I am sure you will work those shoes just fine!
  9. I can see them with black bermuda shorts and a red tee. Cute shoes!
  10. Also leggings since they are making a comeback with a nice dolman sleeve top. Even denim shorts. I like those very pretty.
  11. a denim skirt+ a red or navy top or shirt;a casual capri jean+a red, navy or white tank top or t-shirt;a pair of red shorts and a white tshirt!
    btw congrats, those shoes are lovely!!!!:biggrin:
  12. Cristina, did you get those new LV shoes???
    They are gorgeous.. I'd wear them with skirts (denim may be), or capris, may be a pair of jeans.
  13. Yes :angel: I am on the hunt for a white denim skirt this weekend :graucho: