what would you want to recieve as a gift?


what would you get a good friend for a shower gift?

  1. daisy vase

  2. cut glass bud vase

  3. swirly vase

  4. cut glass platter

  5. champagne flutes with a bottle of champagne and chocolates

  6. something engraved with her new initials

  7. something from registry/keep looking

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  1. a very close friend is getting married this summer and it is time to start thinking about gifts. i usually give fun/decorative but not terribly practical shower gifts and cash/GCs/etc for the wedding. i'm kind of known for this actually.

    i was in tiffany's the other day getting my own anniversary present from my DH and got sidetracked into looking at their home stuff. most of it was very old person house looking (maybe it was just all the crystal and china together like it was) but some of the pieces were really beautiful and i could totally see them in the house of someone my age.

    my friend adores tiffany's and she is the type of friend that i don't mind spending money on. if i decided to go the tiffany's route, it would effectively switch my gift giving strategy. i wouldn't feel comfortrable bringing that tell tale blue box to the shower, so i would make a smaller GC plus something something small be the shower gift (i am also co-hosting the shower) and drop the wedding gift at her house at some point later. or should i get her something engraved with her new initials as a fun shower gift (and give it to her before hand if i go with something from tiffany's) and stick with my normal GC option for the wedding. or just buy off the registry like a normal person, knowing that she doesn't like to cook and will be a busy law/mba student for the next four years and won't even have time to eat. :smile:

    i attached the stuff i'm looking at getting her. feel free to tell me i'm crazy and that those things are ugly/boring. :smile:

    imagine it is your first wedding. you have almost all the house keeping stuff you need and most of the stuff on your registry is electronics, tools, new kitchen stuff that's nicer than what you have, and getting all your bathroom/kitchen accessories to match. you have plenty of distant relatives who will buy from the registry or give you money.

    what would you want or do?
    champagne flutes.jpg cut vase.jpg daisy vase.jpg platter.jpg swirly vase.jpg
  2. I would love a bud vase! In fact, my favorite wedding present was an etched glass vase from Tiffany's. I treasure it!!!

    I have the swirly vase and LOVE IT! That gets my vote!
  3. I voted on registry. The Bride usually puts a lot of thought into her registry and picks things out for her home for her new life. I SO appreciated my registry gifts! But the registry is big here in the South.
    I married an Italian NYer, and he and his family were pretty apalled by the registry thing, his family pretty much refused to buy from it.
  4. i forgot to hit the upload button...they're there now.

    i like the daisy vase because daisies are her favorite flower and the kind she buys fresh most often...but the cut glass pieces are SO pretty and sparkly. dh didn't care for the cut glass stuff at all though. he said they looked gaudy, like something you'd buy at a souviner stand.
  5. Good point Swanky. I felt pressured to register for certain items that I really did not want (and eventually returned anyway)- and those who knew me, felt comfortable to buy off the registry. I would just make sure that she likes Tiffanys so she can always select something different if she would prefer.
  6. we have quite a bit of crystal and I have nothing to do with it - except dust it of course!
  7. usually that's the case, but she wasn't going to register at all...i talked her into it because i so regretted not registering when i got married. she likes it now though....shopping without paying she said. :smile:
  8. Then that is something special, and she will treasure it! Its truly a beautiful vase!
  9. If she really loves Daisys and she's your close friend, why not a piece of jewerly from the Tiffany Daisy collection? You can always followup with something practical, but I don't know I think those Daisy pieces are fabulous for a Daisy lover. Oh a Daisy flower vase would be nice too, I don't know about a bud vase, I never use mine when I buy flowers, but maybe others do.

    Honestly, I think the flutes are too boring. Waterford used to make these very cute "love" flutes. Just my opinion.

    I have some Tiffanys crystal from the Bamboo collection and its just so gorgeous in the light, I love it.

    And why not bring the big blue box to the shower? Are you worried that someone would steal it? I think its fine to show that you got a nice gift, it may help your friend get some other nice gifts.
  10. the objects are all extremely beautiful!
    i'd say the daisy vase because it seems to me very fresh and young!
  11. the daisy vase is full sized. it is really the front runner if i go the tiffany's route. it looks most like her.

    i don't remember the daisy jewlery...i'll have to go look again... :smile: thanks for the suggestion.

    a few of us in our group have a reputation of being a tad bit brand snobby. i didn't want to show off or deal with comments. :smile:

    you're right though. i should just bring it if that's the way i decide to go. hehe.
  12. a few of us in our group have a reputation of being a tad bit brand snobby. i didn't want to show off or deal with comments. :smile:

    you're right though. i should just bring it if that's the way i decide to go. hehe.[/quote]

    I think a full sized daisy vase would be really cute. Just imagine it with daisys inside. Bring the blue box! You're friend will die when she sees it. I love those blue boxes. Once I was dumped by a boyfriend only to go downstairs to receive a big blue box from my dad as a surprise. It made my day.:love:

    As for snobbery, you can't help it that you have taste! I think you can check out some of the daisy jewerly online too. Its very cute.
  13. I think the platter is a great gift. It is gorgeous, and she can use it when she has people over. I have several from Tiffany's and I use them all the time when I'm entertaining.
  14. the platter is gorgeous and very functional
  15. I prefer cash.