What would you use for a camera bag?

  1. I kind of like the Mini Trocadero Perforated, I want something with a long strap and small and I think I want plain Monogram...any suggestions?
  2. what about a wapity?
  3. I think it may be just a little small, I have digi cam and a mini tripod. Plus I want a long shoulder strap...aren't they only with a wrist strap?
  4. How about the Rift? I love that little bag!

    (hey is that your back on your aviator? ) If so I bet that hurt like a MF
  5. Oh that is a good bag for what I want! Thanks!!! Yes, it's my back, it took 35 hours (in 5 hours each increments) and it didn't hurt a single bit-my artist has a very very light hand...actually the sides tickled like heck and they had to hold me down. Thanks again!
  6. oh God... your tattoo is so cool! i always wanted to have one but never had the courage to do it!
  7. Yes, definitely the Rift!
  8. I love the Wapity and Rift.

    Your back is very cool! I have a few tattoos myself, all fairly small...not sure I could take yours!
  9. the rift sounds like a good option :smile:
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