What would you use a really small D&B bag for?

  1. Happy new year! For one of my Christmas gifts, I got a really small Dooney and Bourke bag. It's not a clutch or a wristlet. Just picture a D&B handbag but really small. I could even picture a little girl using it.

    I was wondering if anyone else owns one and what you use it for? I think it would be too small to use as a handbag. Thanks!
  2. Maybe for nights out or when you are running to the grocery store?
  3. Post a pic.... is it very casual?
  4. I use my tiny bags for dog walking when the phone and perhaps mail won't fit into the leash pouch. Great when I am going to be walking a lot but don't need to carry water. Good for out to dinner too.

    I do try to keep these 'not everyday' bags to a low level in my collection but they are so cute it is very hard to rehome them!
  5. I think I know what you're talking about, it might be the Bitsy? I've always thought of it as a little girl's bag, but myabe you could use it like a clutch? Depends on the print though. It might be able to be fancy if it's the patent leather ones. It could also be the mini barrel? I just use that as a regular purse.