What would you trade?

  1. Ok heres a little game for you....

    You get to choose 3 LV bags any 3 at all
    you must swap each bag for one of your exsisting bags
    you can not re buy the bag's you swaped

    I'll be back to this one I'm having a think about it
  2. cerise speedy, corsaire, and LH
    id swap my beloved speedy 30
  3. gosh, easy. I'd swap my azur pochette, mono speedy 30 and mono ellipse PM for:

    white suhali Le Talentueux
    white suhali L'Épanoui GM
    black Epi Soft Speedy 30

    (i figure the little nothing things don't count as bags so i didn't choose them)
  4. WHOA, this is a GREAT deal! :lol:

    I'd trade in my vanilla Jasmin for...
    Dentelle Kirsten, Mizi, Macha Waltz

    of course the bags I really want, I'd just buy them :graucho:
  5. OOPPS Stupid me I meant you have to swap each bag so 3 new bags for 3 old bags hahaha 3 for 1 is a deal too good to be true!!

    Edited Original post silly me!
  6. lol ok, that was STILL easy! :p i edited my reply.
  7. well I only have 2 bags and but I would swap my damier speedy for a Macha Waltz, I wouldnt swap my neo!
  8. I'd trade my Black multi trouville for basically ANY bag! lol ...I hate that thing.
    Nah, I'd trade black trouville for a Mono Stephen. I'd trade my silver miroir speedy for a miroir lockit and trade my Gold miroir speedy for a denim cabas raye GM, hands down!! I really like all my bags except my Trouville tho. It's hard to decide. I'd definitely love to swap both miroir speedy bags for lockits in both colors tho. Can't wait for the lockit to release.

    I'd trade a LOT of my collection for a Fendi Sequin spy tho. My DH even asked me if I would take that bag over a Birkin and altho some might think it's crazy, I'd do it ANY DAY. Even a cyclamen Birkin! lol
  9. Trade in: Monogram Speedy 25, Monogram Batignolles, Monogram Vavin Gm

    FOR: White MC Speedy, Oskar Waltz, Olympe Stratus GM
  10. Hmm Damier Geant Loup for Tobago shoe bag in blue

    Mono Keepall 60 for Nomade keepall;)

    Olav PM for Utah Messenger

  11. oooh this is an interesting thread.

    turning in: red epi pochette, mono pochette, and mono papillon 26

    taking: suhali lockit pm (in white), mc white noe, and an eye bag (not sure which one).
  12. I'd trade my mc speedy, ellipse and mono pochette for
    mono or leapard stephen,Waltz Macha, and a cersies speedy

  13. I've thought long and hard I think the only one I'd swap is my epi pochette for the swarovski lizard clutch but I'd get a hell of a swap there!!
  14. Ok, these are my trades.

    Mono Hudson-Silver or gold Mirior Speedy
    Manhattan GM-Embosse Polly
    Mono SPeedy 25-Cherise Speedy
  15. Okay, I'd pick the Suhali Le Ingenoux (sp??) in Sienne.
    And the White Lamb Leather Rivet bag, and the Montange sp?? in Black Epi!

    For these I'd trade my Manhattan PM, and my Ivorie Epi Alma!!