what would you take?

  1. Dear Ladies,

    i would like to ask you for your advices!
    i will be on a business trip next months in germany,switzerland and austria/maybe luxembourg as well.
    it will take me 2 weeks...
    Wearing black suits
    What bag would you take?(i will carry my laptop (only use it in theoffice) and documents for the meetings)
    need something for the evenings(dinners etc)
    and something for shopping:yes:
    selelction:35 birkin
    GP medium(35)
    Massai GM
    Bolide 31
    or is it the right occassion to purchase a new bag??:nuts:
    i was thinking of kelly 35,whitebus or Passe-passe
    otherwise i dont want to invest in a bag which i can use only for work...
    Any suggestions????
  2. I would bring your birkin as its a good all rounder....:idea:
  3. The Birkin will be perfect!
  4. Birkin all the way!
  5. Birkin!!!

  6. :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes:

    (SOMEBODY has to pick up the slack in the enabling department while shopmom's not around . . . .)
  7. LOL!!! I second dressage queen! :flowers:

    :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes:
  8. Having been to many of those location the perfect combo would be: bring the birkin, and buy a 25 or 28 cm kelly for dinner/evening out!:nuts: :yes: :P
  9. What An Amazing Trip......The Birkin!
  10. I'm daring to be different and saying bolide. It's more understated than the Birkin and it has a strap (I think... does the 31 have a strap?)

    Otherwise, a whitebus would be gorgeous.
  11. Bolide is great but you can't fit a laptop in a 31.... Hmmmm... this calls for a Whitebus! Maybe you DO need a new bag after all!
  12. Good Morning Ladies!
    Thanks for all of your advices!!!!
    Ok,the Birkin will be on charge and maybe i NEED to purchase something on my trip:yahoo: .
    Do You ladies think the whitebus works as a city-bag as well?????
  13. Yes, definitely. There is a picture of a raisin one in the Members items and it's TDF
  14. Bolide
  15. definitely birkin!