What would you special order?

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  1. The time is coming to special order bags and I thought it would be fun to see what everyone would order. It might give me some ideas.
  2. hermesgroupie, is it time to order bags? Is it in June?
  3. Yes, but need a few weeks to make up my mind.
  4. 30 CM Chevre Birkin in Black with Palladium HW
    30 CM Chevre Birkin in Marron Fonce with Palladium HW
  5. Birkin: 35 / Orange / Gold HW
  6. I would get a bicolor chevre 30 cm birkin. Chocolate/cyclamen?
  7. 30cm fuschia ostrich!!!! Or fuschia Chevre!!! OR Chocolate in either chevre or togo!!!
  8. my next bag has to be vermillion red croc 35cm and pal hardware
  9. Regular leather:
    30cm rouge vif chevre with gold hw
    30cm fuchshia chevre with palladium hw

    Exotic leather:
    30cm fuchshia ostrich w/ palladium
    30cm bleu roi croc w/ palladium

  10. YOWZA!! That's some bag!
  11. 30cm Black Chevre Birkin with Gold Hardware :love:
  12. If money is no object: 32cm Rouge H Croc Plume
    Realistic: 32 cm Rouge H Box Plume
  13. If I win the Lottery:

    Matte croc 35 brown Birkin pall or gold H/W


    Thalassa blue 35 Birkin (as it's difficult to find, almost any leather will do) Pall H/W
  14. 30cm orange, ostrich, gold hardware!

    If orange ostrich is not going to be offered, I'd also settle for togo, chamonix, chevre in orange or potiron with palladium hardware.
  15. Goodness, this is certainly a Birkin crowd.
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