What would you shave your head for?

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  1. So yeah I could not sleep last night for some reason and I thought..."Is there a bag that I would shave my head for?" :idea:
    I know that it is a random question but I was just wondering I know there are bags that I would give up food for very easily, but my hair...hmmmmmmmm.
    I still can't think of anything...
    Do you guys have any bag that you would shave your head for :blink:?
  2. Whiskey Chloe Paddington Satchel.

    If Natalie Portman can do it, I can do it. Plus everyone would be looking at my bag, and not my hair!

  3. lol
  4. Hermes croc birkin in turqoise

  5. that's too funny. as much as i'm addicted to handbags, i think i'm more attached to my hair. although i might be willing to shave my eyebrows for a cerise speedy 25. i figure i can always pencil them in. :biggrin:
  6. If I could only pencil my head in...:huh:
    For a collection I would shave my head in a second but for a single bag...hmmmm Unless I sell a Hermes and buy a bunch of other bags that I want.
  7. Hermes Birkin in Croc, if only for the resale value. My hair would be worth 10k+ then! :lol:
  8. lol - I was thinking the same thing -

    10k from one Hermes can buy another b-bag, some summer clothes, and a great wig. :biggrin:
  9. That's cheating :P Just kidding! I'd do the same thing :amuse: Only buy a couple more bags, some shoes and less clothes.
  10. and go to Vegas in July ;) (lots of shoe shopping there.)
  11. My hair has been almost that short before...

    Definitely a Chloe :smile: And I would do it before my wedding!!
  12. A beautiful red Hermes bag.
  13. A tiny Hermes clutch I saw once called a "mini rugby"
  14. Hmmm, a Hermes or a black YSL dragon bag. :o) Uh, and a hat,please.
  15. Any Hermes bag will do.