What would you say?

  1. Got into a conversation today with a friend about H bags. I was going on about the bags I have and how I could do with a BJ kelly and a black Birkin and......

    It was a fun, honest conversation (this is a guy friend whom I've known for years and years and totally respects my likes and dislikes). Then he asked me this, " But why do you want the same bag in so many different colours? I'm crazy over my Porsche but I don't buy one in every colour available."

    I fell silent. I did not know what to say, really. I know he was not being mean (I know him), but the question did shake me up a little.
  2. I'd like a porche in every color too....

    I guess it's just a 'girl' thing?
  3. Naaaaaaaaaah it shouldn't shake you up. Come on, do we expect men to get all that much about us, really? It adds to our mystique, or mystery; our secret little passions and needs.

    Come on, would men get a shoe collection? Hehe I mean, how many women have like 10 pairs of black heels alone? Do they understand the need for different heel heights, leathers, materials, or comfort vs. style? Noooooo :smile:

    So LAUGH, and say if all your outfits were the same colour you'd only need one purse. And then quickly follow up with - "and you KNOW thats not an option"! :supacool:
  4. Me! Me! Me! :yes: :yes:
  5. I don't think the Porsche is an equal comparison. I don't know of any handbags that cost 70K and up...but if I did, I'd probably only have one too.

    I actually think men are worse than women with regards to multiples of the same item with subtle differences. For some men it's cell phones or computers or watches or ...yes...cars....

    I know a gentleman who has an Acura, a vintage Jaguar and and a Range Rover....to most people, they are all cars and why would you need more than one, but according to him, each serves a different purpose. This same man does not understand why I would spend $500 on a pair of shoes....

    I know another man who has 18 different watches. They all serve the same basic function...telling time...but one is a dress watch the other is more sporty...the third has a leather band in brown..the next one has a leather band in black... He would never wear the brown one in the evening..too casual...he would never wear the Cartier to a baseball game...too dressy.

    So for women, handbags are the same..each one serves to completing a purpose...it may just be what looks best with an outfit, but it also matters for the occasion, or what we need to carry for the day.

    I'm sure we could all get by with just one really good black or brown handbag that matches with all circumstances just as the man could get by with one watch, computer, cell phone..whatever...but have you ever tried to tell a man he only needs ONE of his toys????...good luck...:s

    Oh and I hate having the purse discussion with men....they never get it...why would you spend 5 k on a handbag???...oh yeah...why would you spend 5k on a TV?????
  6. ^^^^WELL SAID, Quinn's Mom!!!! ITA!!!!
  7. Well I think that's actually an easy question to answer. It's a completely different analogy - a bag isn't the same as a car obviously. You wouldn't want to match a car to your outfit (at least I hope not:p), but each color and style of a bag can give your clothing a different look and feel. That's why they call them accessories!
  8. my answer:
    b/c you can.
  9. tell him because you only need 1 closet to fill 50 bags..and he needs more than 1 garage to park 50 cars.:p
  10. ^^^ :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  11. Because we like variety and keeping things fresh and exciting.
  12. Well one porsche can get me a lot more than few birkins right?
    If I have the money to get several porsches then I will get them in different colors too.

    Plus you dont carry your porsche anywhere to match your outfit.
  13. Duh, because you don't wear the same color every day. And when you find a great bag, why NOT just get that one in a different color rather than another one that you like less or is less functional? Seems 100% logical to me.
  14. Why were you "shook up" by the question? I mean, all he's saying is, he doesn't understand why you like the same style so much you want it in different colors. A lot of people don't understand that (I'm sure even some members here don't see the point of having a Birkin in brown, black, blue, red...)
    I don't mean to be too intrusive or to offend you, but is it possible that you have some hidden "bag guilt", and his question kind of touched on that? I know I have bag guilt, when I buy another wonderful, expensive bag that I absolutely don't "need". (But if we have the money for it, and all our bills are getting paid, why not?)
  15. "You would if you could!"