What would you recommend for a Chanel newbie?

  1. Hello Chanel girls,

    I don't own any Chanel bags, but I would like to have one Chanel bag that is timeless. :yes:

    I love the look of black leather with silver hardware, and would prefer a shoulder bag that is of a decent size, not too small. Also, nothing too dressy, I'm a new mom, so going out to fancy places is limited these days. Something that would look good just going to the mall or work. Oh yeah, I'm 5"2" if that makes a difference.

    What would you recommend? I looked through all the pictures in the reference section :drool: , but was curious what you all think.:confused1:
  2. I vote for a classic flap, black, medium size, caviar leather. I carry my black jumbo everywhere from work to Home Depot. The style will never time out, and if you have a little girl you can pass it down to her. For that matter, some boys like Chanel bags too.
  3. Agree^^^

    Classic flap in the medium size in black caviar leather with silver hardware.

    The eternal classic that looks good with jeans or dressed up.
  4. Definitely a classic flap in a versatile color like beige or black. Maybe even white.
  5. Black classic flap...never fails as a FAB first Chanel! :yes:
  6. i vote metallic black luxe bowler :smile:
    but, i don't know how timeless it is...part of the reason why I ended up returning mine :sad:
  7. A classic flap is a good choice, but the medium size really doesn't hold that much. I use my PST for everyday. It holds more then the med classic flap and would be great for work or going to the mall. The only thing is the Black PST doesn't come with silver hardware, but the GST does.
  8. this is very helpful to me too. I am also wondering what shall I buy for my first Chanel. So far, I am trying to decide between classic flap and reporter. What would you recommend?
    I know it is two different styles, but, just can't decide...hehe
  9. I agree w/ all the comments about the classic flap, also I really like the small diagonal bag this season - I think it has silver HW but not absolutely sure. No matter what you decide, prepare to get addicted! :yes:
  10. Definately a medium or jumbo classic flap.
  11. aside from the classic flap, you might consider the petit shopping tote or the grand shopping tote. those are very popular as well and would hold more than the flaps. i also like the cerf tote for an everyday work bag.
  12. I do like the shopping totes a lot. Do you think the grand shopping tote would be too large on someone who is petite?
  13. Classic flap in black caviar leather. It was my first Chanel and I used it constantly. It still looks beautiful 2 years and 4 more Chanels later. My best handbag purchase, hands down.
  14. As a fellow 5'2" Mom, I'd suggest the Grand Shopping Tote.
    TOTALLY timeless and completely versatile, you can carry it on playdates and nights out w/ the DH:yes:
  15. I'd recommed a large or jumbo classic flap or the GST