What would you rather...

  1. do with $2,000? One bag and one accessories or 2 bags?

    I was thinking of getting the:

    MC Black Petit Noe ($1,500) and MC Pochette GM ($420) Total $1,920


    Damier Papillon ($845) and Epi Red Petit Noe ($935) Total $1,780

    If I do this, I won't be getting anything from the Miroir line. I wanted to get at least the pochette Miroir.

    What should I do? What would you do in this situation?
  2. OK, 1st choice for me cos I adore the Noe in MC. Why not 2nd...because I can buy the Pap and Epi petit Noe on ebay with a discount.:graucho:

    Why not only buy the MC Petit Noe now and the Miroir Pochette later...the MC Pochette GM is a bit pricey IMO:sweatdrop:
  3. MC Black Petit Noe is hot!!
  4. That's a tricky one, especially since I'm dealing with this very same dilema. I'm wait-listed for both speedies in the miroir line, but due to the upsetting news of the upcoming price increase, I'm not really wanting to spend anymore money on LV right now, and I'm contemplating removing my name from the list. With that said, you should get the two multicolor pieces. :lol:
  5. If you really want something from the Mirroir line, I suggest you get it first since it's a limited edition. Then you can get a bag from your remaining money. To answer your question, I prefer getting 2 bags than 1 bag and 1 accessory. The bottom line is getting what you really want. But among your choices, I like the MC Black Petit Noe best. Good luck in your decision!
  6. I would wait for the miroir range to launch as it is limited. I do like the MC pouch MM and MC Noe:love:
  7. I like the accessories you've picked out with the bag. Sometimes, when I buy small items, it just seems like a waste in my mind cause it could have been another bag, but hey, each thing has their own merit !
  8. I noticed that most of you preferred the MC Black Petite Noe over the Damier Papillon and Epi Red Petite Noe and some of you suggested to get the limited edition Miroir first and wait for the rest.
    Mmmh, :idea: if I get the MC Black Petite Noe now before the price increase, maybe I can still get the Miroir pochette instead of the MC Pochette GM but due to the price increase, it may go over my budget. :oh:
  9. I'm an accessories junkie. I would rather get 1 bag and accessories!

    It even seems silly to me but I just love small LV goods...right down to the keychains!
  10. ohhh soo hard...I want them all..I am no help...which do you like the best?
  11. Me too!

    With that said, I would go for #1
  12. My choice would be Damier Papillon ($845) and Epi Red Petit Noe ($935)....I think I am in the minority, but I love both bags! AND I love your avatar...is that your Frenchie in the pic?
  13. My vote is for #2. I love the damier line!
  14. I would go for #2. :yes:
  15. i'd get a bag and an accessory, probably a wallet