What would you rather: Tote or Satchel?

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  1. I, like many women are always in search of the perfect bag. With our lives so busy whether it's off to work, working from home, a stay at home parent, shuffling the kids back and forth to activites its no wonder that we carry so many things to have available should someone need medicine, water, snacks, etc... With that said, would you prefer a tote bag or satchel or any bag for that matter and why? I, myself LOVE a handbag but I find myself leaning more and more towards tote bags although I can fit alot of my items into a satchel. Your responses would interesting as well as helpful. Post pictures if you'd like. :smile:
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    Good question! As I get older I find myself leaning towards totes. I carry a lot to work every day and even on the weekends I still need water, allergy meds, etc. a couple times I scaled down my stuff just to carry one of my Selmas and wound up needing something I left at home. This week I'm in my travel tote and probably will be for awhile. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1459686083.969033.jpg
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  3. Very nice tote Scooch. Sometimes I find myself carrying both a tote and a small handbag (crossbody, preferably).

  4. Yes! I do carry a large MK wristlet in all my bags, great for quick errands and out to eat!
  5. I prefer a satchel, with a zip top. The size works for most days and the weight is easier to carry. If I need to carry extra items, I size up to a larger tote.
  6. I guess it depends on the day, where I'm going, etc. I love all styles of handbags (except crossbody :biggrin:) and I usually choose something I can shoulder carry but not always. For the past few days I have been carrying a tote.

  7. Exactly! Some of my friends are amazed that I sometimes carry a small purse in a larger bag. I say it's easier than switching everything out. :lol:
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  8. I do love a satchel too lavenderjunkie. My problem is I always over pack and then I'm searching for my necessities somewhere in that abyss. :biggrin: I just ordered the Pebble Grain Sawyer in Oyster and now thinking of ordering the small Lexington tote to match

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  9. Cas: the small Lexington tote doesn't hold that much because the base is narrow. Check all the dimensions before you order. I find the small Lexington tote hold less than my zip zip satchels.
  10. I love totes. I got used to carrying them when my husband was alive, but needed me to drive him and carry a lot of his things. It's just me now, but I do still love totes, whether carrying a lot or a little. Chelsea is one of my all time favorites...I probably have 10 or more in different colors and leathers.
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    I always carry a satchel. :smile:
  12. Thank you for that information, lavenderjunkie. ��
  13. Sorry for the loss of your husband, Live it Up. Is the Chelsea a large tote? I'm 5'10 so I would like a modest size tote not too big or little. Thanks. ��
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  14. I can do either style, but as I get older, zippers are a must or I feel uncomfortable as I'm a clutz.
  15. :lol: Zippers absolutely help, momjules!!!