What would you rather have > Vache Liegee Chocolate or Vache Liegee Rouge H

  1. Which is a better colour on Vache Liegee? Chocolate or Rouge H?

    The chocolate is in a Birkin.

    The rouge H is in a Kelly.

    Recommendation please!!! :heart:
  2. ah, but you made it a bag question too. i love kelly and i love rouge h so my answer is obvious but not really about the leather, though VL is a wonderful leather.
    which bag would you prefer?
  3. I do not have a Kelly, and have never quite pictured myself with one, so it's really a tough one. I am wondering if I would fall in love with a Kelly? I am no longer the career woman I once was. I am now only a stay-at-home mum.
  4. ahem, drop the "only" please. :flowers:
    do you have a birkin aready?
    if you aren't in love with a kelly now, i wouldn't buy one. just as i am for marrying for love instead of a pre-arranged marriage, i wouldn't wait/hope for love to kick in for a bag post-purchase.
    what use do you imagine for the bag? nights, when you're solo, or when you're with the tot?
  5. Yes, I already have a birkin.

    I have been buying shoulder totes, for ease of carrying when I am with my tots, and a Birkin breaks that pattern. It is just so hard to hold a Birkin on one arm and carry my 2 year old in the other. I tried it, and was frustrated. So now, I would only use a Birkin when I am on my own - solo solo.

    How flexible is a Kelly for the night? Somehow, I am finding it difficult to envision a lady in a long evening gown and carrying a Kelly. So seriously speaking, I need help here.
  6. ^ What size Kelly?
    What are the other specs of the bags? HW?

    I love a good chocolate Birkin but it sounds like the Kelly is for you...
    ADORE the Kelly, too!
    Hmm, did I help at all?
  7. GT, I don't have the rest of the details yet. I won't know till I see the bag in person.

    Perhaps my question should skew in on the colour instead & remove the bag question for now. Brown VL or Rouge H VL?
  8. This is so personal. Choc. Brown is my favorite and I already have a RH bag, so that would be my choice.
    Rouge H and Chocolate are equally beautiful in this skin.
  9. Hard to remove the bag from the question! They are so different. I love the chocolate myself but I am more of a Kelly person. I have a young daughter and have to carry her around when she gets tired- that's when the Kelly strap comes out, very handy! I use my 32 cm Kelly for everyday use. I would not use that size with an evening gown. I did find the Kelly akward to get in and out of when I first got it, but it did not take long to get used to. Rouge Kelly- TDF in my opinion!
  10. It seems your shoulder totes are what you use daily... so any hand held bag would be used when u are solo or for evenings...(how often would that be?). Since you are buying an "occasion" bag, choose something that excites you ..ie color????..Rouge H is a fab color... Hope I make sense

    PS: I think the kelly pochette/clutch would go better with your evening gown than a kelly or birkin
  11. My 2 cents is that I would go for a Kelly over a Birkin given your lifestyle. It seems like you will get more wear out of a bag with the option of carrying with a shoulder strap. And then use it hand held when you are not with the kids. Color wise- both are just fabulous!

    IMO neither is good for an evening bag. The Kelly pouchette is better, but there are other bags out there that I would prefer with an evening gown. A Kelly is great however for a dinner suit or luncheon just shy of being ok for cocktail wear.
  12. Yes, I am normally a clutch person for evening events but I keep reading on this forum that there are ladies who carry their Birkins or Kellys for the night. So I go ... "huh, how's that possible"

    I'm not really trying to find an occasion bag, either. I'm looking for a versatile bag, to put it simply (my JPG shoulder Birkin should be arriving in the next few months).

    Do I really NEED/WANT another classic Birkin? I am not so sure even. But I have grown to like VL very much, more than chevre coromendal (sp?) and wonder if I would be silly to pass on a choc VL 35cm Birkin or a rouge H Kelly (no other info at this point)
  13. Both would be ideal! But if only one is on your agenda...take the rouge H Kelly! Love the optional shoulder strap!
  14. I love VL in Rouge H. I think a Kelly will do very well for you. It has a strap that you can use instead of holding it in your hand, and you can still tote the little one around your hip.

    Now the Birkin can wait a couple of years while your little one goes into his 4th year of age. Then you can hold is hand in one and hold your Birkin in another.

    Rouge H in VL is so stunning.
  15. I would only use an exotic or black Birkin 25 or Kelly 25 or 28 cm (for me, sellier black box) for evening. Otherwise, they are day bags, IMO.
    You can get away with a Kelly 32 at a dinner party. An evening gown requires a mini Kelly or clutch, IMO.

    It sounds like you really don't want or need another Birkin. I wouldn't buy one just because it was offered to you, although it's always tempting! Vache Liagee is EXPENSIVE! get only the Hermes bags you can't live without.