What would you rather? (charm tote vs. lg. kristin hobo)

Dec 1, 2008
Your votes are appreciated, especially when one feels so torn. Green patent charm tote (like a sage, I would describe it) or large black leather kristin hobo? LOVE the idea both bags are cross-body... and large. LOVE large cross-bodies!

...and (I don't know if this helps?) my other cross-bodies (or at least, bags I wear cross-body) include black leather parker hippie, copper claire, gray and lavender juliannes, mahogany ali, and jade hailey.

But I'd prefer more of a vote-from-your-gut response as opposed to careful consideration of what kind of bag I need more, KWIM? What bag knocks your socks off more?

TIA! You girls are the greatest!

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Jun 4, 2008
hm I'd say the green charm tote! I buy everything black so if it were me, in this case, I might try something different!

Also, how much do you know about that website that you used as reference for the picture of the charm tote? Is it legit to buy from?
Dec 1, 2008
Erm, I would definitely probably not buy from there... just b/c I'm super paranoid about only purchasing authentic bags. I just included that link 'cause it's the only pic I could find online. I mean, the bags may be authentic... but who knows, you know? And there are a lot of foach-selling sites out there that present themselves pretty well (I have no idea if this is one of them).

I found this particular charm tote at my local outlet.


Apr 12, 2010
I really like the apple green color on the charm tote! And patent is so easy to take care of. I thought about buying one myself. However, I do like the style of Kristin better than the charm tote. You have a tough choice ahead. :smile: Can you get both?
Dec 1, 2008
I could probably buy both, but I would have to cut my wardrobe budget for July... so would require sacrifice of some very cute potential sundresses, sandals, etc. (am trying to be good). Plus, I have so many bags!

I agree, I think I like the color of the patent charm tote better (esp. for summer, and it's around $130 cheaper), but I like the style of the kristin better and think it may be more versatile year-round.

Luckily, I still have a few hours to think about this!


Sep 20, 2008
I just picked up a large black charm tote at the outlets today. It sit so nicely on my shoulder. And it hit a nice spot on my hip when I tried it on crossbody. I really also love the green color in your case. It would make a great summer bag. I don't know why but the kristen has done nothing for me.


Apr 19, 2010
OK, I'm going to be the lone dissenter here.

I think the charm tote is rather dull and sort of MFF looking. Sorry.

I see the appeal as far as superpracticality, but it just isn't a very striking bag, to me.

I also love my juliannes and my claires. I have two of each and they are my favorite styles, for comfort and size.

I vote large Kristin hobo all the way. I just ordered one in gold with silver hardware. Even the Kristin tote is more interesting than the charm tote, IMHO.


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Oct 9, 2009
I think the Kristin will look much better as a crossbody than the Charm tote. I also like the leather better on it.
Maybe consider a different color for the Kristin though since you already have a black crossbody?


May 11, 2010
the charm tote looks nice but it is a little boxy or bulky if you like to wear it cross-body. And I have not really looked or touched that tote in person, but the leather is a little MFF feeling to me from the picture. ( not that rich, soft, thick) I think HOBO looks way better on person who is wearing it crossbody. it flows with your body shape better. Hope that helps. I do not have neither bags, I only see them through the modeling pictures.