What would you prefer?

  1. I was just on the phone with a close friend. She's having some surgery next Monday. :tdown: Of course, I'm going to get her the normal flowers, get well balloons, ect, but I was just borsowing Hermes' website and was thinking of getting her either a braclet or perfume. Something nice for when she comes hnome. Which would you perfer? Fyi, she's not into bags.
  2. What a nice thing to do for your friend, Jinxster. Is she more into jewelry or fragrance? Unless you know what kind of fragrances she really likes, maybe go with the bracelet instead. :smile:
  3. I would prefer a bracelet.

    Scents are just so personal and hard to buy for someone unless you know they specifically want something by name. Plus, I don't know about your friend, but after a surgery I had, certain smells bothered me that normally wouldn't have.
  4. wow how sweet! very nice of you.

    i'd go for a bracelet. people who have surgery might not feel well and perfume could upset their stomach maybe? a bracelet is safe bet and very pretty too. you're a good friend!
  5. I agree ^^^.
    Perfume is personal and you don't know what kind of reaction she will have to it.
    You could get her a bracelet or a scarf.
  6. You're so sweet, Jinxster!

    I think a bracelet is better too since perfume is very personal.
  7. Yuppers, don't get perfume, bracelet is a very nice idea!

    You can also check out the twillys or scarves, they make nice presents too.
  8. Thanks for the advice all. I'm going to go with the bracelet.
  9. Definitely a bracelet, it will last longer than any perfume.

    What a lovely thing to do, hope everything goes well for your friend too!
  10. Bracelet. And will you be my friend too?:p
  11. What a nice gesture! I also vote that a bracelet will be a wonderful gift :yes:
  12. wow, you are such a nice friend..
  13. definitely bracelet or scarf! so sweet of you. also she can exchange for something else later if she decides.
  14. bracelet would be a fantastic idea; you probably know her favorite color too. that's so sweet and thoughtful of you as a friend.
  15. Jinxster: You are so sweet :smile:. Bracelet, scarf or Twilly will be a great choice.

    I agree with the ladies that perfume is a personal preference and you won't know if she will like the smell or not.