What would you pick?

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  1. Would you pick a black caviar GST in GHW or the new black leather Deauville tote in the small size? I have both but can only keep one. Help me decide please!
  2. I love the deauville tote! I think it's really cute. I had a GST but sold it because I never used it. And i see that you have a classic flap in your collection so maybe keeping the deauville tote will be a Good addition to your collection. Good luck!
  3. Thanks! I am leaning towards that as well! The Deauville tote is a beauty and so comfy!
  4. Deauville. I think they are so cute!!
  5. Deauville!
  6. I have a small sized Deauville Tote and absolutely love it, so it gets my vote :smile:
  7. Totally love my GST but have been thinking about the Deauville. At least the Deauville seems more casual and can be used more often.

  8. Yeah for me the GST is this weird in between. It's either too dressy or too casual for certain things, so I don't wear it as often as I should.

  9. Thanks I saw your video, it helped me in my decision to buy it. Now to keep it is the question!
  10. +1 Deauville Tote
  11. Wow you guys are pleasantly surprising me, I thought you would all say GST and that would make my decision harder!
  12. Deauville!! I just purchased the black one in small myself. I think they are beautiful. I love the distressed vintage black leather on them as well. I also found it to be more comfortable than the GST when I tried.
  13. Deauville! I had 2 GST and sold them. Felt like a box under my arm with one strap always off my shoulder. Deauville looks so comfy and casual, on my wish list!
  14. I think GST is starting to look a bit dated - Deauville gets my vote!
  15. I like GST but i am tired to see this bag around. It seems like everyone has one in my country. So i always see this bag during workdays and weekend.. So my vote goes to Deauville..