What would you pick?

  1. If you could have your choice of a re-issue scarf for Hermes to do? What would it be and maybe what color?

    I personally think it would be neat for Hermes to do an Annie F. season with all her popular scarves....celebrate her work.

    Also, I do think it would also be neat for them to dig deep in the archives and re-issue some rare and unusual ones...

    or do some Poret re-issues...

    but....my vote for one re-issue would be for Geishas!

    I would say Kimonos but Geishas is just that much more rare......
  2. i'm waiting for recontre ocean in blue! i'm not very familiar with all the wonderful vintage hermes scarves so my answer might be a little boring and common.
  3. yes I think an RO in a normal like ocean blue or royal blue would be great.

    the only blues I have seen are just like a aqua or a turquoise.

    but I think the RO would be so great in primary colors.....that are more natural.....ocean green, royal blue with bright colors in the middle...like royal bright colors.

    i wish they would take the black scarf in RO and re-isse that...with more background colors...but keep the details the same color!!
  4. Black RO or Geishas, I don't have the cash to buy them at current prices :wtf:
  5. Without question, Turandot in more vibrant colorways like a rich jade green, a vibrant purple, and a black background with multiple vibrant colors. RO would of course be great in more bright colors.
  6. yes I agree Turnadot would be fantastic.

    I have the re-issue in purple that came out for the store opening...and I love it.

    but I think doing it in Jade in all that fantastic!
  7. :tup: This gets my vote! I LOVE Turandot!
  8. hmmm...Dark green Axis Mundi - carré and GM.

    Deep teal Concerto, Feux du Ciel, & Lalbhai.

    A decent Josephine Danse/ re-design.
  9. I'm going to vote on this one too, esp in the plisse!!!
  10. I am hopless with scarves.. I have some in all colors, and I love them all, I think pick based on what will you actually use. (my rule, has always worked.) Ended up wit Major collectibles that way by accident!
  11. I love the omnibus :smile: oh yes and the geisha's which not only because it is so rare it has emotional value for me too :smile:
  12. Oh and I forgot the kimonos same emotional attachment.
  13. Courbettes et Cabrioles by Francoise Faconnet
  14. ^^ That would be fantastic, it is a fabulous scarf design!!
  15. Reissue of Promenade a Versailles... :girlsigh: It's gorgeous and so rare.