What would you pay to avoid the Birkin waiting list?

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  1. I know people who are quite happy buying from eBay, others are not. Others will continue to walk into a store asking out right for a birkin, leaving emptied handed... Others with one.

    What if you didn't have to wait for that particular colour birkin, any size, any colour. Would you pay extra?
  2. hmmm this will sound pretty baratty but i never go on the list i mean birkin buying is an art as complicated as making the birkin itself but if i would go on one for a very particular bag i would not pay id wait thats the magic of hermes and the birkin . i dont mind over paying on the internet for a particualr bag that is not being made anymore or or that might take over 2 years but i can say i would pay to skip the list thats just me !! hope it helps birkel
  3. THese bags are expensive enough as it is - to pay a premium is insanity. It's not like one is going naked without a Birkin! Wait and either order or find it when it appears.
  4. I would pay somewhat over retail for something I particularly coveted. I'm getting too old to wait but so long for anything!
  5. If you want something bad enough, there is a price to pay for that..

    Need to say anything more??
  6. anything within my budget. one thing i've learnt in my 38 years is never to take my life for granted, i would rather pay premium and enjoy it now rather than long for something that may or may not come and by then i may or may not be around.
  7. Yes I would. And I have. Within reason.

    Though I've purchased the majority of my bags direct from the boutiques, if you're looking for something specific or no longer in production, a reputable reseller can be a very gratifying route.

    Sometimes it's just nice to be able to get what you want, when you want it. No muss. No fuss. :happydance:
  8. To avoid the waiting list: Absolutely nothing. Personally, there is nothing I "have" to have.

    However, I will pay a premium for a brilliant condition vintage bag or scarf.
  9. I would pay $1000.00 maximum, for a 35 Birkin, in a regular leather. Only if it was going to be my only Hermes bag.
    If you're shopping in the other departments, or buying bags other than Kelly's or Birkins, the only wait required, will be for a specific color, or skin.
  10. i am in near NYC so i dont think i would, everything i go to H there is at LEAST one birkin on display sometimes more... so i would not.

    now of course my HOLY GRAIL if i get oprahs money is a birkin 30 or slightly smaller, orange lizard with diamond hardware :faint: . if i had the money for that i would pay up to $2K to get quickly.
  11. Yes I would and have done on several occasions; pay for airticket and hotel accommodation to the store to collect my dream bag asap.
  12. I will only pay premium for a H bag that is no longer produced in a certain skin/colour combination, that I love to bits.

    If it does not qualify as a "must-have" in my definition, I would not.

    For combinations that H still produce currently, I will get it directly from a H store.

    I must add that for the prices H bags are, it's very hard for newbie sellers to try enter this market. (in case people are having funny ideas to make a quick buck) Fakes are everywhere. And I only recommend friends to trustworthy sellers, who have been selling H for years, and know their bags.
  13. ITA ^

    Even if the current production is unavailable in my country, I'd rather pay for airfare + hotel to either go to Paris or Tokyo to buy them!
  14. Yes, I would, if I find a 'to-die-for' bag! Life is too short, eat sweet first!! :graucho:
  15. If it's something very specific I want, I have been known to pay up to a few thousand over what would be current retail ... sometimes there are no guarantees that you will ever see the same bag again.

    I passed on one bag several years ago that I now deeply regret. Didn't think it was in my budget at the time. In retrospect, I could have splurged, and I could definitely afford the price now, but have never seen this bag (size, color, leather) again. I should have jumped on it while I had the chance. Learned my lesson.