What would you pay over retail for??

  1. I was looking at the scarves, bags etc on eBay and wondered what is everyone's opinion.

    What Hermes item or items would you pay over the retail price to purchase?? Give details.

    I have purchased a bag from a reseller and felt lucky to pay about $1000 over retail only. A few of my cadenas were way over retail - the lion & the lantern and a few just over retail (but no longer available in stores) - the snail & harp.

    What are you looking for?? Would you buy it at almost any cost??
  2. A barenia birkin or massai, the Madison Avenue scarf by Kermit Oliver, a few of Annie Faivre's scarves, probably a good condition Jeux des Petits Bonheurs (sp?) And also your foodie scarf, Sus, although I can't think of the name just now.
  3. Can't think of anything.
  4. Not much. A Barenia Birkin maybe. In indigo...
  5. Maybe a piece in a discontinued color I really wanted (but can't think of any right now). Some barenia pieces.
  6. Croc, probably, due to SAs here. Certain things in Barenia. My grail scarf, obviously, since it wasn't ever sold (VIP gift).
  7. some box and barenia items i would pay cdl prices for and for 2 discontinued croc colors from the 50´i would literally pay through the roof
  8. Braise croc possibly. Or for the Kelly Doll.
  9. good question! black box birkin, barenia kelly or birkin, something for a croc birkin in miel but not sure how much over i'd go...1k over retail is not a bad markup in the least, they have to make something for their time and effort, what are you getting??????????????????? lol.
  10. Maybe a hard to find cadena, but I wouldn't pay much over retail. Also, a 32cm HAC in Rouge H box with PH. That's if it was completely unattainable through H. But I might pay over retail. Maybe.
  11. ^^ I think that is completely unattainable, no? I get confused about the unattainablility of box.
  12. Me, too. That is why I am prepared (not now, but in a while) to pay over retail for it, if such bag even exists. Unattainability of box be damned.
  13. :roflmfao:

    That pretty much is how I determine what I'm willing to buy for more than retail: Difficult to obtain plus completely determined to have it equals probably over retail.
  14. I paid over reeail for my plum Turandot scarf from Charlotte store. Or, rather, I paid full US price for it which was under UK price plus delivery and customs which took it slightly over UK retail but it was never available in UK in the first place.

    Does that make sense at all :confused1::roflmfao:
  15. I would like some of the older cadenas like the shooting star, and harp. I'm sure I will pay more than retail, but I am not going to pay $600 for a charm!