what would you pay for a used eggplant first?

  1. there is a gorgeous eggplant first on eBay at the mo and i really am in love with it! the thing is its used, do you think this makes a huge difference or does it give it more character?
    i just would like to know how much people would be willing to pay for it? i am searching for my first Bbag and dont really know prices of 2nd hand bags! xx:p
  2. Eggplant is a highly coverted discontinued color in the B-bag world so I wouldn't be surprise if it goes over retail.
  3. i'm watching this too...:yes: I don't plan on bidding on it though, just want to see how much it will go...

    I'm looking for my first bbag too and I'd love a first , but my favorite color is red so I'd get a rouge vif , eggplant is my second choice, it's such a goooooorgous color...:drool: if I could, I'd buy both hihi...

    To answer your question, I'd pay about 900$ for this beauty, but I don't know the market well....

    Good luck for your first bbag! ;)
  4. thanks that about £450, i just dont know if i would want to pay that for a used one! but i think because its discontinued the only way im going to get one is if someone else has loved it first! :shame: yeh the rouge ones are beautiful! 2 minds think alike!? want one that will stand out please! is the red you want a fire red or deeper ? it sounds nice anyway! :yes:
  5. p.s do you think it is in good condition for a used bag? xx
  6. you want a red one too? haha, let's hunt together!!!! :yes:

    I want a rouge vif one (it's the medium light one) not as red as the real red and lighter than rouge thêatre!
    Read this:
    atelier.naff: Rouge red

    there's a metallic red at a good bin price on eBay now, but I'm not sure if I'll be able to carry it during the year (not only during the holiday period)....

    And I'm told that red bags (except unpopular styles) never go below retail....:sad:

    The eggplant looks in a good condition imo! And such a beautiful color, it'll match well with my black hair and black boots...yummy, must resist....:drool:
  7. ah V nice!:yes: yes would stand out just about right! you dont want it ott, like the lime green ones, theyre not my cup of tea! yeh im not suprised the rouge stays at retail it is a gorgeous colour! but at least they are stil making the rouge! i always have to be awkard! i always want the bags that not a lot of people have! i dont want to settle for black!:shrugs: my poor bf! he likes the eggplant, thats the thing tho he will only get it me if he likes it! which is fair enough!
    yeh the eggplant is in quite good cond, it is quite old i suppose! im just going to have to pray it doesnt go for stupid money! otherwise il be on the trail for a rouge one with you!:graucho:
  8. I hope they don't go too high for you! ;) Eggplant is the new black imo! And it's discontinued, so very precious imo! Red ones are popular but as you said they're still producing this color, so easier to find imo.
    BTW, just saw a eggplant (used condition) city sold on eBay for more than 1100$. So this gives you an idea about the current price of this color ;)

    I'd get a stand-out color first firstly (lol) and then maybe a shrug or day in a more discreet color like sky blue or black (when i can afford it). Your BF is so sweet!!! I may have to find a sugar daddy to support my expensive addiction.....:graucho:
  9. Yes i definatley recommend one! the only way i have my bags is cus of my bf and my nan! im only 19 so i just have to beg! which is fine by me!:rolleyes: yeh the sky blue ones are nice! thats why i like Bbags sooo much because they do them in mad colours! the black would be great for day and for uni wheras the other colours just let you show off!!! he he:supacool: especially when your in selfridges and the SA's try to be arsy with you!!!
    can i ask what are shrugs? are they like hobo bags!?
  10. That eggplant will command a high price! A used eggplant twiggy sold last night for nearly $1500. If you want an eggplant, you will have to pay for it!
  11. Wooow, that's pricy!!! :wtf: If i had the money, I'd get this beauty....:graucho:
  12. oh yeh, the shug is yummy! V reasonable to considering its such a large bag!
    yeh thats about £750 for a twiggy, so hopefully the first will be cheaper. the twiggys always seem to go for more, they are nice tho! i suppose that about retail, the firsts are normally £590 retail so il have to see!!!