What would you pair w/ navy?

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  1. #1 Jan 28, 2010
    Last edited: Jan 28, 2010
    I bought a velvet blazer in a dark navy blue color from J.crew but I am at a loss as to what to pair it with. I am struggling with the color of tops and pants. I realized that I do not have 1 navy blue item in my entire closet besides this jacket. I tend to wear a lot of black. What would you pair a navy blue velvet jacket with ? Help!!!!

    Here is the jacket....

  2. Dark jeans and a sexy beige top.
  3. navy is a neutral, so i would pair it with pretty much ANY color. I would just stay away from other forms of navy. navy is IMPOSSIBLE to match up and it will just look like you tried and failed.

    but a print skirt, creme pants with a pink or light blue top, or even a creme shift would be nice.
  4. It is tricky if much of your wardrobe is black. Navy pairs well with khaki, cream, white, red, yellow and potentially some denim. But wearing it with khaki runs the risk of it looking uniform-like, and many of the other combinations are typically spring-like. Red with navy tends toward the patriotic, which may or may not suit your style. It is a really nice jacket, and the cut looks very flattering. I just could not have purchased it in navy because I couldn't have paired it off in my own wardrobe, either.
  5. I love navy with creams and white, or pretty much any neutral. Try a silk blouse or a ruffled top in ivory if you have it.
  6. black, gray, brown.....
  7. white/cream pants with a dusky rose/pale lilac color in lace/silk camisole peeking underneath the navy velvet would be pretty.
  8. I love navy! Its my favorite color!

    I wear navy with every color other than black. I love it with grey, pink, camel, and brown. Its great with pastels, neutrals, and primary colors (although I avoid red).

    Its a very versatile color and a great alternative to black.
  9. Navy is my fave color and I wear it with almost everything! You can wear you blazer with jeans and a white/beige/light grey top. Or with light grey pants and top. Don't forget to wear a necklace as final touch!
  10. I would do that too !!! I find Navy very classy, especially now worn with white, or light blue, any blueish grey.
    Also Curry yellow or light brown cognac leather accessories.
  11. even i love navy its my favorite color .
  12. Another big navy fan here!!! Absolutely adore it, so chic when done well. I pair navy with black, beige/camel, red (careful with tones), grey and white.

    I especially love navy with black accessories that include a bit of gold hardware - it's so smart!
  13. I don't mind navy with black (a YSL signature combo) it's brown and olive green that I would have a problem with.

    Perfect with other neutrals like greys, creams, black and so on but accents in yellow (pale or bright) reds, bright blue, pinks look amazing.

    Love the sound of the blazer BTW
  14. Navy is a great neutral color! It looks SO nice with a pretty fuchsia or pink top and jeans... it's more unexpected than a neutral colored top. Otherwise, you have many options... navy works nicely with white, cream, grey, yellow, purple (a paler purple), etc. etc.

    I'm not really a fan of khakis paired with a navy velvet blazer. because it seems a bit too school uniform-y for me, not to mention the fact that khakis with a nice velvet blazer is a bit of a style mismatch. You could also dress the jacket down with a cute pair of jeans (boyfriend if that's your style), a white/navy stripped tee and the blazer. Have fun playing around with it! :smile:
  15. I love navy too! And I agree ^ I loveeee navy with fuchsia/hot pink. Plus, your outfit definitely won't be boring :smile: