What would you like Vuitton to manufacture?

  1. I would love for Louis Vuitton to introduce tableware à la Hermès: plates, glasses, silverware, etc...

    What about you?
  2. Bedsheets!
  3. Blue and black monogram Neverfull with black trim in GM size!!
  4. A speedy in some type of black canvas like monogram eclipse. I'd also like to see hardware choices (silver or gold).
  5. More personalized items- not just initials (mon mono) and patches (world tour) but a variety of hardware and canvas choices for their more popular bags.
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  6. Samsung Galaxy cases. Not everyone is team iPhone!
    I also think housewares would be a great idea!
  7. Ditto! But also other bags (i.e. Neverfull, etc.) in Monogram Eclipse, not just the Speedy.:biggrin:
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  8. You just read my mind!!
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  9. A line of beauty products!
  10. In this vein, I'd love to see some cashmere throws like H has done.
  11. Once in a while, you will find throws at LV stores. I have seen cashmere, or cashmere/wool blends. Here are the ones that are currently available:
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  12. Oh, man. I have no idea. I'm just along for the wild ride, lol. :panic:

    It does seem that Vuitton is testing the waters on home goods so tableware might not be so far out of reach (I don't think the other jewel in LVMH's crown, Dior, would suit even though Dior did do some home items in the 60's/70's, if I'm not mistaken). Maybe LV would could do more home decor but something a bit next level like Hermes to balance out their current collection (more limited editions, unique materials, etc).
  13. I love the furniture they have produced recently (although it's WAY out of my price range). And I also really like the little boxes and trays produced for the Art of Gifting collection... maybe more items will come...
  14. I mean, just the thought of luxury furniture gives fills me with absolute dread, lol. Gorgeous? Definitely. Pricey? Obviously. And yet I'm still tempted to faint when the price tag shows up. :eek:
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  15. OMG, a Damier Ebene Palermo GM!!
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