What would you like for your next birthday?

  1. I'm going to be yet another year closer to the next decade in less than a month and I cannot help but feel a bit down about it:Push:. Anyways, just wondering ... What would you ladies and gentleman like to get for your next birthday and WHY?

    It can be anything - bags, shoes, cars, or even non-tangible items.:yes: So what's yours and why?
  2. Too far in advance, and I tend to screw myself when I ask for something! My DH is a GREAT gift giver!!!
  3. Did you just have your birthday (since you said too far in advance)? Happy belated birthday!!!

    He's not a member of tPF, right? so you're safe in listing your wishlist here.:yes:
  4. whimsical world: one hour with a family member that passed away a couple of years ago

    reality: vacation with my DH, DF ( darling father?:smile:) and his girlfriend on a tropical island :smile:
  5. I guess I'll answer my own question ... Surprisingly, my birthday wish this year doesn't have anything to do with getting something material ...

    My birthday wish for this year is landing my dream job, I've been trying since 2001 but I think I finally have the experience and background to do it, now it's just a matter of getting the connection so I can land an interview and nail it:nuts:

  6. Yes...my birthday was last month...and thank you:love: for the belated wishes!! It was my first birthday since I was 18, that I didn't spend it with my DH...he was out of town!

    OK...as you are right, DH is not a memebr (I hope!) and he will not see my list.....I always want another bag....and ususally clothes (since my b-day is beginning of September I am usually looking for Fall), I would :heart: to have my favourite Fendi ring copied in gold...it is costume jewelry, and I have completely worn it out....and I think that is it for right now...but I will revise this as I think of more goodies:graucho: !!

    When is your b-day??
  7. What kind of job are you looking for???
  8. LOL - My birthday has just passed - I really didn't want much... but I got some pretty nice gifts from friends!!! AND I didnt even buy myself anything!!! :lol: But I guess for my next birthday I'd love to go on a TRIP overseas!!! :wlae:
  9. Consulting of any kind - basically getting into a consulting firm will be my dream job, that way i can be exposed to different types of industries, learn everything, and solve problems all the time:yes:
  10. Awww ... You're located in Hongkong, right? Do you live on HK Island or on the Kowloon side? I need to go to HK again soon, got some stuff I must take care of. I actually miss that place ...

    Fendi ring? As in a ring made by Fendi? Sorry ... I'm kind of clueless with jewelries.

    My bday is Nov 5th, that's going to make me one more year closer to 30 ... I wish I'm still 18 sometimes:P
  11. ohh good god..
    i want either a vertu hp..birkin..jacob n co watch..orr..the LV leopard stephen!!!!yikes.
  12. To get a bursary from college!
  13. For birthday I would love to be blessed with a baby:love:

    why - cuz I desperately want to be a mum..
  14. my 22nd birthday is in 2 months 1 day :biggrin:! it also happens to be around the same time i graduate, so my parents have agreed to get me a birthday/graduation gift:yahoo:.

    my mom said that if i graduate with Latin honors they'll get me a Birkin, but i don't know if that's what i really want :shrugs:. i feel like i'm too young for a Birkin, plus i could get a few things with that kind of money :graucho:

    i wouldn't mind a Louis Vuitton Suhali L'Ingenieux PM and the Embossed Polly :graucho:

  15. Hey there. Maybe I can help. why dont you pm me and we can chat about your experience. I am in a consulting firm and we are so short staffed..

    which city are you in?:flowers: