What would you keep?

  1. OK, so I bought 3 bags this week... all in relatively the same color. My husband might have a freak attack on me if I keep them all. Help me decide please.

    I got the Botkier Bianca Satchel Large in Cognac Pearl for $330 on eBay.
    I got the Linea Pelle Beverly in Nut for $75!!!! (from help of a fellow TPFer)
    and I got a Rebecca Minkof top handle large tote for about $180 down from $595.00 in a luggage color.
    What is your 3 in order to keep?
    My favorite is the Botkier, that is not going anywhere... and the beverly is so pretty, what a great Fall color, so current and ONLY $75, was a $600 bag I think... and the Minkoff is so soft and so great for an overnighter I think. Oh girls, I am real bad! Any thoughts?
    P8110015.JPG P8110014.JPG P8110002.JPG P8110011.JPG P8110018.JPG
  2. My hubby would flip too. Well, I guess you pretty much answered your own question. Your favorite is the Botkier, so that should be the keeper.
  3. Botkier. for sure. :smile:
  4. I would get rid of the Botkier - when I first saw it the pockets reminded me of an old lady's baggy buttocks! :wtf: (sorry - I know you like it, but that's just what it reminds me of...) The Linea would be my first choice, and Minkoff second.
  5. I like the minkoff best! Would you mind sharing where you got it? I'd love to be as lucky too! =)
  6. Botkier...others might look better IRL but in pics they don't do much for me
  7. Some store in Boston- Jasmine Co, very nice woman answered the phone. A fellow TPFer got an amazing patent blue Rebecca Minkoff from there, all were 70% off. I got a "no" and a laugh when I asked about any Nikki's or Morning After's. LOL

    I can't believe some of you do not like the Botkier. To me it is so awesome. Then again, the 1st expensive handbag I ever fell deeply in love with was 3 or 4 yrs ago- the Mark Jacobs, I still have that, all that silver hardware, big pockets w/ the pushlock... Guess we like what we like. LOL
  9. I love the Bianca! I hate how people are saying it looks like boobs, a bra or a butt. :sad: Now whenever I see one, I think of those comments. I still love the bag though. I'm trying to covet a large Cherry one.

    The RM bag is nice too though. I guess it all depends on what shape would best suit you at this time. You're right, they are all a similar colour. But it's a neutral so it's not that bag.
  10. Most def. keep the Bianca!
  11. One thing I did say to my husband, if we were ever in the street and I had the Beverly on me and someone was bothering me, "WHAM" right in the face w/ the handbag, all those bronze studs ! Could be used as a weapon. LOL

    The most horrible of all this, I am coveting a chocolate Hayden Harnett Mosa !! Another brown! What is the matter with me? This forum has gotten me crazy! LOL
  12. I like the Botkier the most. And great job on those deals you found.

  13. I got my Linea Pelle Bianca hobo today, and I swear I was thinking the same thing: great to use as a weapon if you're being mugged! What can you say, I was born and bred in NYC...

    To answer your question: Def. keep the Beverly satchel (and if you don't want it, sell it to me!), and the Minkoff. The Botkier just isn't my style, I guess.
  14. I think I am definitly keeping both the Linea Pelle and Botkier.
    I do not travel much....The Minkoff is HUGE. And too light if I use it for another thing I might be planning 1 day (baby bag/ diaper bag?)

    My husband has had it up to here (hand above my head) with handbags. lol He won't even comment anymore. The only thing he ever said was the LV dentelle speedy 30 in silver was a gorgeous bag. I guess that is the only one he likes. LOL
  15. Definitely Keep The Bianca, I Have One In Gunmetal And I Absolutely Adore The Bag!! It Is Such A Ladies Bag, So Sexy And Sophisticated!!!