What would you keep Hearts and cosmetic cases

  1. My SA's came through for me. Wait listed at 2 different stores, got a red and gold heart and also a red, silver and gold cosmetic bag. Love the red heart with the charms on my tivoli, and the gold would go with all my LV's and even my Gucci and Prada's, as they all have gold hardware. Should I keep both hearts and what about the cosmetic cases, how many should I keep and which ones.
  2. I have the gold heart and I'm waiting for the silver heart. I thought of a cosmetic case, but it will just take up too much room in my bag. I'd only want it in mirror which I think is more delicate. My gold heart has a few hairline scratches on it from the store.....they're hard to see, but still there. Kind of bugs me.....how do your mirror pieces look? Now I'm thinking I should've bought the pomme heart that was on hold for me, but I LOVE the silver and gold.
  3. I'd keep at least 1 heart (pomme) and cosmetic case ~ gold!
  4. Agreed!! Red heart and gold cosmetic case.
  5. Keep the red heart and red and gold cosmetics cases. :tup:
    Return the gold heart and silver cosmetics case.
  6. I'd keep the red heart and the red cosmetic case.
  7. Hmm..both hearts and the red case, since the miroir cases might get scratched up bouncing around in your bag.
  8. I'd keep the red heart and the gold cosmetic case if you want to baby it if you don't then the red cosmetic case
  9. I would only keep the gold heart! I love the gold heart!
  10. I'd keep it all if I could afford it :nuts: Btw what do you with the ones you're not keeping? Are you able to return items and get refunds in the stores over there? We can only get exchange notes here.
  11. I saw we need pics them side-by-side to make a real judgement! Hehe
  12. I would keep both hearts, because you can coordinate red and gold with so many things. I'd keep the silver cosmetics bag. Then you will have one of each color.
  13. Have you decided? If the red heart doesn't win you over and you return it, let me know!:love:
  14. keep the ones that you initially wanted

    but i'd say red heart, gold cosmetic case
  15. lol keep all of them!!! if you must choose, then at least the pomme heart and the gold cosmetic case