What would YOU have done?

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  1. Forgive me if the days are mixed up, I've been sick...sleeping in the day and up at night. My days are all jacked up lol.

    I was driving out of my neighborhood last night(Sunday night) and I saw a little long-haired Chihuahua on the sidewalk. I stopped to try to 'catch' him/her but the dog was VERY timid, growling and running. So, I decided to leave him/her until the next day, Monday morning comes around and Im driving out of the neighborhood again, and the dog is still in the same spot as Sunday night. I stop AGAIN and try to get it to come with me, this time it runs after me trying to bite me.

    So, I figure this dog is going to be impossible to catch. I called Animal Control, its the same BS I always deal with "We are busy but we will get a unit out as soon as possible" yea, "as soon as possible" usually means WEEKS.

    I went back this evening(Monday), I threw down a sheet and put some dog food and water down for the dog. As soon as I put the food down, he/she started eating it.

    I wish the dog would let me get near it, all I want to do is put her/him in the backyard where its safe and I can tend to her/him. Any advice? I listed a FOUND ad on craigslist, is there any other place where I can list a found ad?
  2. I live on a small island, but we call the paper, the radio stations, and put up signs....You are a good soul Val. I would have done what you did. I hope his parents find him soon. When you put down food would he.she let you get near?
  3. ^^Nope :sad: The only time the dog gets near me is to try to bite my ankles. When I put the food down, the dog immediately had interest, he/she walked up to the bowl and started sniffing, but as soon as I extended my arm the dog started growling. Im hoping I can gain its trust and at least get a leash around its neck and walk it back to my house. Im pretty confident he/she wont go anywhere, if the dog was planning on moving it would have done that already, kwim?

    Ill try the paper, at least. I put another ad up on a Lost & Found site I found. Its been so cold and windy here at night, I feel so bad for the little furbaby. At least its a Long Haired so it has a lot of fur to keep it warm(er).
  4. I agree...if he is still there today..I hope he will let you get him and give him some love. Im sure the minute he feels some love he will melt into you. I would! lol All small and lost...) He is probly scared...I can only hope his parents are looking for him....and he was not just dumped off.... (I only say he as Im to lazy to say he/she) HA!
  5. You are such a doll! I've had to do similar things w/ a dog that was hanging around my neighborhood. I found that if I brought out lots of treats and knelt down w/ an extended hand w/out making eye contact the dog came to me and I was able to hang onto it. It had a collar and tag so I called the owner and brought him home. He had been lost and she was very happy. It was very scared and timid but felt less fear b/c of the treats and lack of eye contact I guess.

    The poor thing is probably terrified. Keep trying hon. Hopefully he will come around.
  6. Thanks girls!

    Shu, I will try the treats later today! My furbabies have plenty to share lol.

    I need to go by there and make sure the blanket didnt blow away, its soooo dang windy here! I've been worried about him (ok, Ill stop saying he/she, him/her lol! I re-read it and its pretty annoying) all night.
  7. Awww! Is there a no-kill shelter anywhere near you? They may have some advice or be able to come and catch him. Poor little thing.

    It's for this reason that I'm always terrified to stop on a highway and try to save a dog...I always hope I don't scare him INto traffic. I did stop once and it ran away, luckily over the other side of the berm into the woods.
  8. I would do what shu suggested. Sit there with treats, not even acknowledging the dog. The dog will sense that you are not there to harm it and you will earn its trust. If you get the point that you can actually touch the dog and pick it up, take it to your vet. Do not bring it home and introduce it to your dogs.
  9. Will the dog take treats from your hand? Try hand feeding to gain trust and gently go to stroke his face..just try and build some trust.

    Maybe you could put some found signs in local supermarket?
  10. He's not wearing a collar, is he?

    I've stopped to "catch" dogs before and if they have a collar on, I've driven to the house, placed them in the yard and closed the gate behind me. I would hope that someone would do that for my dogs, so it's always been ok with me to not get any credit for finding the dog.

    In your situation however, I'd do the same thing....and I'd feel so bad until I was able to get the dog. I've keep trying..... could you lure it into your car with food? Maybe get a McDonalds plain hamburger so it smells realllllly good?

    And then go to the vet - you might be responsible for the costs involved with boarding - but I would do that instead of taking it home and/or letting it stay outside.
  11. Thanks everyone! Im going to try to lure him in, I have an enclosed porch(I guess you could call it a porch) with a doggy door, so he would be able to go inside from the backyard if he got cold. I would take my dogs out front to do their bussiness if he were in the backyard.

    Im going to start making signs later today. I wouldnt be able to keep him if he lets me bring him home, if I cant find his owners, I would take him to a no-kill shelter or a Chihuahua rescue.
  12. Lots of good advice already, but I wanted to say I proud to be on a board where so many people do amazing things! Your a good spirit!
  13. maybe get some heavy duty work gloves (they his teeth can't sink into) that way you can try to get closer without worrying about him trying to bite your hand off.

    i bet with being a chuihaua he probably won't fully attack... he's probably just trying to act like a big dog because he's scared. he might just nip at you at most.

    someone i know has one and it's the meanest thing to strangers... growls and barks and tries to nip... but to his family he's the sweetest dog ever.
  14. Maybe you should make a food trail that leads to your car. I do not think he would bite you. I think like the poster on top of me said that he is trying to scare you. He probably thinks that if he does not he is going to get hurt. I think it is nice of you to try and help him. Keep us posted.
  15. I just want to applaud you for your kind-heartedness. It makes me happy to know that there are people like you out there.