What would you have done? Was I wrong?

  1. My daughter received a gift from a close friend that she doesn't call "boyfriend"....... Well she was so happy when she opened the gift bag and it was a black Coach Carly purse. Well the purse was a fake........she didn't know it, but I did. I talked it over w/my husband.......Should I tell her or not say anything b/c she was very happy. My husband said "tell her because she has a lot of friends that do carry Coach bags and he didn't want her friends to say something to her at school". Well I asked her how and what she thought of the bag and she said why is it fake or something? I said yes and I explained why and it just broke her heart and she was angry all day. I hated to see her so upset..... What would you have done? I feel like I ruined her day!:crybaby: IDK

    Can you post a pic of a med size Black/Black Carly and a pic of the inside of the bag for me. Thanks
  2. I think u did the right thing. :tup:
  3. Don't have any regrets...its spared her embarressment if someone else pointed it out to her. You did the right thing.
  4. I think so too if most of the girls are carrying real coach. I see a lot of teens in my area carrying fakes. I don't think the teenagers care so much.
  5. I think you definitely handled it properly. Better that her mom pointed it out than someone at school. Can you imagine her embarrassment if that would have happened? And then the guilt you would feel afterward for not having said something? She was going to be upset either way, but I think this way was the lesser of two evils. Good job!

  6. here is my pic. sorry none of the inside. inside is just black w creed. i think u did the right thing- she needed to know.
  7. I think you did the right thing. I'd take the time now to teach her how you recognized it as being a fake. Poor thing. I'm sorry her heart is broken. Perhaps if she has some christmas money she can order something special for herself. I have a Carly top handle pouch that's adorable and not as costly as the bigger Carly's. Just an idea.
  8. IDK..........She sure did care alot, she was realy upset, I feel sooo sorry for her, like I just messed up her Christmas.. I just know how cruel other teen girls can be when it comes to fashion stuff, they can be realy mean. I just didn't want any drama for her at school because of a fake bag. What makes this even worse is the person who gave it to her explained that he bought it for a few hundred dollars and blah blah blah.......
  9. This is exactly what I was thinking...............Thanks for the reply!
  10. I've already made plans to take her to the Coach Outlet for her Birthday:heart: in April so she can pick 1 or 2 bags that she likes. She also said that she is going save up some money so she can get a few accessories.:tup:
  11. Thanks for the pic..........The inside of her bag has mini gold colored "c" all over it.
  12. I think you did the right thing. While I'm sure she was very disappointed, hearing that it was a fake from you was better than hearing it from someone else when she was using it in public. Still, as others have mentioned, teens do tend to use the fakes a lot. Do you think she'll use it at all? Maybe by the time you go to the outlets in a few months, some of the Carly's might be there!
  13. Well she did like the bag at first, so IDK if she will use it maybe?! And if she does, at least it won't be a shock to her if someone tells her it is fake.....she can just say "Yea, I know'
  14. Oh I think you did the right thing. I just think the teens or maybe the ones i see around here don't really seem to care about the quality of a real Coach bag, just the look of the signature stuff so they all carry fakes because that is what they can afford so maybe they don't care. I don't have a teenager so I am just an outside observer. That is all i see at the mall and stuff is teens with fakes. Maybe there are just so many places to get them around here. I wouldn't carry a fake and if it were my daughter, I would opt to buy her a real one or save up for one herself if she was responsible.
  15. Great idea! You'll brighten up her day. :okay: