what would you have done? (scratched car)

  1. so, i was pulling out of a parking space (very tight thanks to the persn next to me not being parked straight) yesterday afternoon and i scratched the not straight car. i totaly panicked but managed to pull back into the space and wright a note with my name phone number and car reg and place it on the windshield and then left. the right thing to do? yes.

    i expected a call within a few hours or atleast first thing the next morning but noone has called. the insurance compant have said that if the owner of the car calls after 36 hours then i dont have to do anything because they left it too long.

    what would you have done if you got back to find a note and a scratch on your car? i know i would have called the person straight away and it bugs me that they havent called (it was a brand new red car and left a blue scratch on it))
  2. First of all, WOW :nuts:
    I'm so happy that you did the right thing. There aren't enough people in the world that would do what you did. Thanks for being honest :smile:. I know what it feels like to have your car damaged by someone and they don't leave contact information. It's frustrating and just plain rude.

    If I found a note on my car I would definetly call them and exchange insurance info, etc.
  3. Maybe it wasn't as bad as you thought a car hit me at traffic lights a few weeks ago it looked like there where scratches on my car but when you rubbed it they came off, I didn't persue it with the driver that hit me as it wasn't worth it.

    It does seem strange that they haven't called if it is a scratch other than what you did there wasn't much else you could have done unless you sat there all day waiting for them to come back
  4. claire- it was a scratch, i rubed it to check and i told the man in the office at the car park entrance just incase the person who owned the car went mad.
    im just a bit :confused1: and :cursing: as to why they didnt call.
  5. Maybe the owner just looked at the note, looked at the scratch, and just decided it wasn't a big deal and they would give you a break? Unlikely scenario, but still.
  6. You've done everything right, cherry.

    Rest easy; if no call, don't worry about it.

    If it were my car, and it needed to be repaired, I'd call you same day.
  7. Good for you doing the decent thing. Perhaps the person let you off the hook because you were honest & it would maybe T cut off anyway, you may not have actually scratched the paintwork.
  8. A million kudos to you for leaving a note! You've done the right thing. Its not YOUR fault they don't call. Don't beat yourself up over this, they may be the owner of a car repair shop and could get the scratch taken care of for free :okay:. Who knows the reason for them not calling.
  9. that happened to my husband, someone left him a note. he is a pretty laid back guy, but is pretty busy..so it may have taken him a couple of days to call the person.

    maybe he/she is going to have it looked at before contacting you.

    you did the right thing. i'm not sure about the 36 hour rule, though.
  10. ITA with the Queen!! We are not responsible for how someone reacts or doesn't react to what we do!

    This actually happened to me once but a little different...I was at a hockey tournament all day and when I came out to the parking lot there was a note on my car saying "my front bumper hit your back bumper" or something like that, with the person's phone number.

    Honestly, I didn't see one dent or scratch! I had friends look at it too just to make sure I wasn't missing anything.

    Did I call the person? No...I just let it drop. But it was cool of them to leave a note.
  11. Even if the scratches came off, I would have definitely called the other person to let them know. I just think that's the considerate thing to do.
  12. WOW! I love that you left a note! So many people would have just kept on going and ignore the scratch!

    Go You! :yahoo:
  13. I have left a note also and they never called me. But I was frightened at the time.
  14. You did the right thing! It's their own fault if they don't get into contact with you about the scratch. Don't worry about it! Maybe they just didn't think it was that noticable?