What would you have done in my situation?

Jan 31, 2009
Derbyshire, England
Well, it's been a funny old day, as they say...

Last night (Ok, so a funny old night & day!), I dreamed I bought a choc printed Bays from HOF!!

This morning, I was drooling over a pic of one on the web, and telling DH how this is my TDF bag, but there's just no way I could afford/warrant £650

Anyway, goes to work etc....

About 2.30pm I rang SM as I'm hoping to go down there Sat am to take back my choc Roxy as, when using it today, spotted some bits of inking were lifting, and I've only had it since Xmas

Anyway, conversation went something like this (excuse length):-

Me - have you got your 10% off this weekend? (yes)

Oh good, can you tell me what Bayswater bags you have in, other than the Congo ones, and patent ones?

SM then proceeded to list several patent ones (!) and mentioned a lovely champagne one.

Me - erm, have you got any Jacquettas? (answer was yes - in black at £247)

Me - erm, do you have any Babbingtons (no) or Smithfields?

SM - No, they've all gone

Me - Oh, so what do you have in choc about that size?

SM - well, we do have a nice printed Bayswater in reptile leather

(I just about fall off my chair at this point)

Me - what? Not a congo one? A printed one? OMG, that's my favourite bag!! etc etc (trying not to sound like a complete lunatic)

SM - yes, we've 2 of them. They're £385.

SM then proceeded to check the bags, describing one had a symmetrical pattern to the print, the other, asymmetrical. Both weren't 'subs' apparently.

Me - erm, could you save it for me till Sat am

SM - sorry, we can't do that.

(Me - then in a total dilemma - do I wait & take the risk, or do I 'lose out' on @£40 saving)

SM - oh, a group of people have just walked in, I better go and get the bag as they're looking at it

(Pause - whilst I'm sweating & praying it doesn't get snatched from under my nose)

SM - it's Ok, I've got it. One of the ladies picked it up, but I stood by her side & when she put it back down again, I snatched it up!

Me - (phew!!). Well, that case, I better pay for it, hadn't I.........

The rest they say, is history!

Thing is, what would you have done in my shoes? Taken the gamble to try to save £38 (bearing in mind I'm looking at going to SM anyway soon, in order to take bag 2 bags re inking), or, sacrificed the possible saving & ordered it there & then??

Poppy bagfan

aka Poppy Dogfan
May 31, 2008
Oh gosh - ordered it there and then! Absolutely no way otherwise. i could not take that gamble. Your fave ever bag, at that price.....you would deserve to lose it by wanting to save an extra £40!

well done you.

I believe in the power of dreams........

......so shall make sure i dream of an emerald ostrich Bays tongiht....:biggrin:


Dec 13, 2006
Definitely ordered it now :tup: Actually, I would have paid for it now and then picked it up on Saturday - to save the £7.50 delivery charge. If it's not perfect, get a refund. If you love it, then better to have it at a slightly higher price than to risk losing out.

So yes, I think you've done the right thing.
Jan 31, 2009
Derbyshire, England
thanks for the votes of confidence

Ditab - I did ask that question, but they said they could only post out bags which had been paid for over the phone?? Something to do with 'fraud' etc.

(I did wonder if I could take it back on Saturday, get a refund, then get my mate/DH to buy it straight back again & get 10% off, but think that may get 'scuppered' by the SA's!)


Jan 10, 2008
i'd definitely have done what you did! congrats! that is awesome. post pics when you get it


Hula O'Hoop
Mar 21, 2007
I would have bought it then aswell. Wouldnt have been able to sleep for the next 2 nights otherwise, worrying whether or not it would still be there!


Sep 20, 2008
Congrats LadyF, that's fantastic news - can't wait for the pics, and you know what if you waited and lost the bag you would have been gutted, think you've done well.

Hi Ilin, it's bank holiday weekend this weekend in the UK so they do a promo to entice us in, not that we need enticing LOL.