What Would You Grab?

  1. Yesterday I thought I was going to have a nice relaxing mani/pedi at the local shop. About 15 min after arriving at 2pm PST there were fire trucks with all the sirens blasting speeding on the major blvd. in front of the shop. Didn't pay much attention to it until major plumes of smoke could be seen almost in front of us. We all thought it was a house fire until another customer came in, who happens to live near me, and told us that there was a large brush fire up in the hills. She gave the exact location and that jolted me right out of my chair!!!It was in the hills where I LIVE:nuts: To make it short, my home was not in direct danger, but what a way to ruin the afternoon! Cut short the pedi and tried to get home which wasn't so easy since they had closed off streets up to the hills. Finally got home and had to see what was really happening by turning on the TV. That fire was damn close and they had evacuated quite a few houses!!! Helicopters were flying making water drops until it was dark. Had to close all the windows because of the smoke/ash. What a day:censor:

    Well, that got me to thinking...what would I grab if told to leave ASAP. Anything I had made, like needlepoint etc. pictures and anything that I couldn't replace. Also...you guessed it...Hermes bags! Grab 'em screw the boxes! Opening closets in three bedrooms to try and get them all and if I had time, my Chanel jackets. Forget practical clothes:lol:

    So what would you take, aside from the obvious husband, children and pets?
  2. Important papers, 4 photo albums, most expensive jewelry I own, and Hermes (if need be I could always sell all of the last two)
  3. ^ ditto!
  4. GK: I am glad you are Ok..that must be so nerve racking!!!

    the 4 Ps are usually advised
    Papers (important documents)
    People(I think that's what it is)

    and one extra P
    H Purse
  5. we were evacuated from our building last month because a building 3 doors down was on fire. i took my daughter and the stubborn dog. didn't think to get my laptop, or my husband's, with our respective work in each (oops). grabbed my longchamp bag because it has the supplies for my girl, but i didn't grab my H bag, favorite bracelet, nothing. i guess because it's all replaceable - but not those computers, not the content on the computers, so that was a goof, but geez, i'm only so strong you know. :upsidedown:
  6. Of course! I forgot to write in the important papers and jewelry. I'd be so nervous, it would probably take me an hour to open the safe:nuts:
  7. That sounds awful! Hope your little girl wasn't too frightened. When you are under that kind of stress, the most obvious flies right out of your brain:crybaby:
  8. That is SCARY...
    Glad you all are ok.
    In ref to your question...I would hope to remember important papers, but would probably try to get jewelry...bags, I have no idea.

    We recently had our place tented for termites and I took my 'most' important Hermes bags, but felt guilty about leaving some behind. My hubby says..."what a dilemma"......(sarcastic)...
  9. I am glad everything is alright.
    Is this in California, may I ask? If so I may have to check on a patch of land we have out there. A couple of years ago, it came so close that our neighbor who is kind enough to keep us informed about the land had her bag packed a ready to go.
  10. Oh No! Horrible and scary!!!! I remember the Oakland Hills fire a few years ago and how frightening that was!!!!

    What to grab? Hmmmmm...

    Family and pets of course but then....
    Important Dox (must remember to put all those in ONE place!)
    Computer, Digital Camera
    Important jewels (those ARE in one place.)
    ALL Hermes bags in their sleepers!
  11. she usually stays calm if i act calm, so basically i deserve an academy award at this point. :lol:
  12. AND a Kelly! :flowers:
  13. Ditto....although thinking about it I really should put paperwork in one file!!
  14. :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:
  15. Makes me think I really need to be fire-ready since I live in an area prone to brush fires.....great advice ladies!