What Would You Girls Consider me Wearing This LV Backpack?

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  1. I am a Master On Fashion and I need some opinions/Point of views from you guys.
    I'm 16 Years Old and Straight!


    Authentic Only!!! :boxing:
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  3. Personally I don't like monogram/designer book bags, don't know why I just don't go for the look. I find them pretentious, nobody shoot me! lol I prefer just basic black book bags and if you are a guy how about a designer briefcase or sac plat instead? Or one of those damier geant messenger style bags, messenger style is mucho masculine! GL in school!
  4. If you like it, then get it! I personally do not and much prefer messenger bags.
  5. All I'll say is my 16-yo straight son wouldn't be caught dead with that. And he is, as he says "comfortable with his masculinity."
  6. There is a picture of a guy on here wearing this bag and he looks great. It really depends on the person. I don't really care for the Bosphore backpack myself... but if you like it, go get it! :smile: The Abbesses is great too... it's a Monogram Canvas Messenger bag... check it out!
  7. I am SOOOOO tired of these guy's coming on here asking if it will look okay, why do you care what other people think?

    GET WHAT YOU LIKE!!!!!!!

    LV and other designer goods DON'T EQUAL GAY!!!!!
  8. Some people just want opinions... that's all.
  9. Opinions are like hole's, everybody's got one.

    Just because us LV Fans say it will look great and don't worry, doesn't mean the person checking him out on the street will feel the same way...

    it's not like he is going to carry "TPF" in his pocket to look back on and think " yes it looks good on me says so and so"
  10. I couldn't agree more. If you need other peoples opinions to feel justified in your fashion choices then all you need is a dose of confidence. You don't need to justify your sexuality to make fashion decisions. Clothes alone do not the man make.
  11. I do agree with you... the labelling has GOT to stop! Straight or gay, who really cares? When you're out in public anyways... the majority, which is mostly ignorant, classless people will think you're gay anyways... wear what you want!
  12. I like it but I don't love it. I prefer the messenger styles more.

    However, if you love it .... go for it. Its all about making you happy and not anybody else.

    Good Luck on your decision! :flowers:
  13. I agree with you. But as a purse toting gay man I think people need to not just stop assuming that every guy who carries LV (or other designers) in any way shape or form is gay. People should just stop judging one another for a choice that in the grand scheme of things means little.
  14. If you like it...then get it. I really like the design of it, but it's a little bit small for me, but it looks good for my best friend, so she ended up getting it instead.
  15. Yeah it just means the guys don't wanna be slobs... or scrubs as they call it now-a-days. I LOVE seeing people with nice clothes, bags and stuff. I think it really depends on the person though... some people look good with the stuff, some don't. I love my bags... The majority of them are from the women's catalogue and I have NO shame. To me most of the men's stuff is boring and overpriced.
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