What would you get?

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  1. I'm looking at Let-Trade's sight and I can't make up my mind! What would you get? Here are my options:

    1.) Baggy PM Blue Denim & Red Epi Pochette
    2.) Red Epi Bucket & Mandarin Pochette
    3.) Onatah (needs cleaning, but is cheap!) & Josephine PM (Khaki)
    4.) Cabas Mezzo

    Too many choices, ahhh!:hysteric:
  2. 1)



    But definitely 1, I adore the baggy PM !
  3. 1.) Baggy PM Blue Denim & Red Epi Pochette
    2.) Red Epi Bucket & Mandarin Pochette
  4. You know what's funny is that I didn't even look at the denim line before, but since I have been in this forum, I find myself liking it more. You all look so cute carrying yours. Damn you Alll!!!!!!!!!!
  5. 2)

    and the Josephine PM or Cabas Mezzo
  6. # 1... or #2...
  7. #1 or #2, you might cannot get all the stains off the Onatah
  8. Baggy PM Blue Denim & Red Epi Pochette
  9. 2 first, 2 second.
  10. 1 & 2!!
  11. I like that bag more then my denim speedy.
  12. I bought the Baggy PM!!! I can't wait to get it!:wlae:

    Now all I have to decide is which pochette I like better, the red or the mandarin.
  13. I just saw that red epi bucket you are talking about and it's gorgeous!!! GO FOR IT!!!:yes:
  14. Oops! Never mind!!! Just saw your post about you buying Baggy PM!!! CONGRATS!!!:yahoo:
  15. #1!
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